Car swap screen on app

Can you not make it so that the app will just use the post code on your account rather than having to type it in when you see what’s available in your area? just a little quality of life thing.

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Hi @Janso just a small point to help you as I have raised this in a couple of other threads. Posts are mainly viewed by community members not ONTO staff. You need to tag an ONTO person if you want to make sure they see and acknowledge your post. Whilst CS staff do browse the forum and respond when they see a post like yours its not sure-fire. I will tag @Adam_at_Onto for you.:older_man:

I suspect for anything to do with the app or website side of things, @Ayman_at_Onto is probably the best person to tag with suggestions or requests for potential improvements.


Yeah, I’ve been wondering this for ages myself, but never posted anything.

This would be a great QoL feature.

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Thanks for the feedback @Janso I’ll pass that onto our UX team @Joseph_at_Onto.


It seems to be broken again on the website, as it tell you to contact CS to arrange a swap…

It was working a few weeks ago…

@mozzauk I just tested entering my postcode on our website and it seemed to work fine. What issue or error are you getting?

I get this when clicking about a swap

Hey @mozzauk - Thanks for the screenshot here. I can’t seem to see any issues on my side at the moment, but I suspect you may have found a particular route that we haven’t accounted for. Can you try to visit the main site when you’re logged in, select the car you’d like, date etc. and try the swap using that approach? We’ll look into why you might be receiving that message too on our side.

@Janso - thanks for the feedback here too!

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Yeah, this happens when you select Book a Car. But if you just choose ‘cars’ and then choose it that way it works.

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