Car Swap Query

Hey all,

So my current Zoe subscription is valid till the 7th September, which is the delivery day of the EC4 swap.

Does that mean I just don’t do anything with the Zoe hire agreement now and let it run down as they are both the same day?

I’ve only ever swapped mid agreement before and never managed to get them the exact day, so just wanted to check.


Presumably. I guess the times have to tie up exactly.

Like you, though, I’ve never had that “perfect” swap before - and last time I had an agreement for a whole month, even though it was effectively only four days (and an hour, or something).

But, additional Q, I have no idea what happens - technically - if, for whatever reason Gefco cannot deliver your swap on time… :man_shrugging:… I guess everyone at Onto rushes around in a panic and delivers you a continuation agreement for you to sign up to… :flushed::thinking:

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Interesting point.

Gonna tag @Adam_at_Onto to get their thoughts.

Yeah should be a simple swap, you shouldn’t have to do anything. If the delivery gets delayed and doesn’t happen on the day then you should be able to get a new contract. However, I think ONTO might charge you if you use the car after (pro-rata amount)

I did exactly the same thing with my first swap in that I got the next car on the day my agreement started and I had to sign both agreements but I only got charged for the new vehicle, it was just to make sure I was covered to drive it until the new car arrived on that day.

I was originally told by chat to not sign it and then I got a call to say I needed to sign the agreement on the current car to ensure the swap went smoothly


@MisterOaks Good Afternoon! Dan here

As the swap is happening on the same day as your renewal you don’t need to sign the renewal for your old vehicle.

If you we’re to swap say 5 days after your renewal date then you would need to sign it as it would take payment for the additional 5 days only to cover you until your new vehicle arrived, however in your case you’re fine to ignore it and just sign the agreement for your new car.

I hope this helps!




One more question.

If my current Zoe is valid to the 7th, which is the day of the swap, what time that day does the subscription expire?

Ideally I would go and get a valet that morning but obviously won’t of can’t drive it at all that day.

If it’s a swap the subscription on the new vehicle starts when you download the key. The subscription on the previous vehicle then finishes. So on swap day you will have use of a vehicle except for the time it takes to carry out the swap. Remember take lots of photos of both vehicles to keep as your own record of their condition at the time of the swap.


I have always been told its 9am on that day. I would recommend getting it cleaned the evening before just in case there are any issues out of your control.


Yeah, I will go today. Don’t wanna risk it. Especially with kids eating biscuits :rofl:


I think you’re right there. On my first renewal I expected it would renew at midnight and drove to work to then see a negative value in my mileage. They must have let me off since it was the first month and would only have been a tenner’s worth of miles.

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