Car swap mileage

So it’s going to be my first car swap from the old Hyundai ioniq to the new ioniq.
My contract resets on the 9th and the earliest onto will release the new ioniq is on the 19th.
I understand I have to pay for two different cars this month which can get pricey so I think this needs looking into.

Now I have been given 1000 miles today and was wondering if this will go onto my new contact or if not I have 10 days to use 1000 miles.

Not 100% sure about the mileage question, but I thought only takes a partial amount if you swap in the middle of your monthly contract. My swap from the old Ioniq is only a couple of days before the new contract would start at the beginning of February, but the payment for this month was about £26 less than it normally would be for the full month.

I’m still waiting for the new contract although I requested when they was released on the website. But never got a phone call back so I called the. To make sure everything was good but then found out that it wasn’t.
I had to pay the full price today and I know the new contract will say £450 which I’ll be calling back up.

When there is a vehicle swap on a day other than your renewal date (which is mostly the case these days) you will be charged pro rata (think that’s the correct Latin expression).

Your renewal date may change to the 19th going forward, and you will just be charged a daily rate for use of your current vehicle for the next 10 days.

Mileage is an interesting question. You shouldn’t get an allocation of 1000 miles on the 9th and then another on the 19th in principle. See what happens and report back.

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Both billing and mileage should be on a pro-rata basis. Even if it says 1000 now, once the swap happens if you look on the online account it will have amended your allowance for only a share of the time that you had the car for.

As for the cost, when I swapped they refunded the unused time as an account credit, and then started the new car subscription which meant I didn’t pay more than I had actually used. If this doesn’t happen for you then definitely chase this up with them.

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Not still not sure about my milage.
Do I get 1000 miles on the 19th as it’s a new contract?
And do I have 1000 miles to use in my current contract until the 19th l?

No you won’t have 1000 before the change on the 19th it will get pro rata’d

I signed a full price contract and have 1000mile loaded onto my onto app. I don’t think the car swap has been finalized to my account ref paying in full.

I contacted the same day they announced the new models and I received a call back from David within a couple of hours and the cancellation of the old one, the swap, and the new contract to sign was all sent to me while I was still on the phone to him. A couple of days ago I actually changed the Ioniq reservation to the Kona and again received all the documents within an hour or so of being on the phone to them.

If you haven’t received any further emails or documents from them I’d strongly recommend giving them a call again. You need to press the button for new customers when calling them to get through to staff directly. Otherwise you will get through to driverline.


When I did mine it signed agreement at full price everything looked, like it was, full miles, etc and it was, just all pro rata and, sorted in background if you call up they can, tell you exactly what’s, going to be, debited etc enjoy the, new, car

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