Car Swap? How What Where

What’s the deal with a car swap?

Does it have to be same class or can I upgrade from a Zoe to a 208?

Do I need to start new agreement for it or does current agreement get changed?


You can pay £49.50 To have someone pick up your current car and deliver a replacement of your choice, where you will then pay the new monthly price for that car. You can pick any car, subject to availability. But if you pick a car from a different tier, your current mileage credit will not be valid on the new car. Generally you’ll arrange for the car to be swapped on the next monthly renewal date, but you can choose to do it anytime, where you will get a pro-rata credit for unused time in your current car. Either way it will start a new monthly hire agreement.

If you want to go from Zoe to e208 That’s no problem at all, but do beware that the range you are used to with a Zoe won’t carry over to the Peugeot. They are less efficient and you’ll not be able to go as far between charges.

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If you have 2500 ONTO Reward Points you could use them to cover the cost of a swap.

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Personally if you need range ionic is, better swop than, 208but if range is not an, issue the 208 is a cracking car

I still look across a car park or up the street at my e-208 and think what a great looking car it is…especially in yellow :wink:


Yes, it is, but the, range is, awful if I could have the 208 with ionic running gear I think it would be perfect


Have to say the e208 looks great, ( I use a charge point at local Peugeot dealer so see one every time) Mileage is lower per charge but only really use locally so can’t see it being an issue. Only other one in my price range would be the Zoe GT

The Ioniq recommended above is actually cheaper than the e-208, and I would definitely recommend that one myself too.

As for the Zoe GT. What Zoe do you have right now? The Dynamique or the Iconic? If you have the Dynamique it may be worth considering for the extra cattery capacity, CCS Rapid charge and a few extra features, but if you already have a Iconic then there’s not a great deal more and I’d probably say not worth upgrading to.

Horses for courses. If you rarely do more than 140 miles in a single day, and can charge easily then the e-208 is a much better drive than the Zoes (and I’m a Zoe lover).

When I can start doing some of the long distance journeys that I used to do with a Zoe, then I’ll be able to say what impact the lower range has. Remember the Pug charges faster. It remains to be seen if the latter cancels out the former. It will very much depend on where the 150kW rapids are located in the journey.

If you’re upgrading from a ZE40, you shouldn’t notice a drop in range, but a huge increase in charging speed.

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The e208 did the 1000km challenge in 12:30 hrs and the Zoe in 14:35hrs. Granted, it was a bit warmer during the e208 one, but I think it still shows that the faster charging actually helps more than the longer range in the Zoe.


As done by Bjorn I assume? Poor guy currently suffering with Covid-19.

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Yep! You can find the results of all his 1000km challenges here:

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If you could have everything the Hyundai has and styling on the 208 would be a winner for sure.