Car swap experience

I was quite vocal on here about some issues I experienced when joining Onto six months ago so thought it was only fair to come back and highlight the fantastic service before and during a swap this week.

The online process is clear and simple, the delivery driver kept me bang up to date with an ETA and apologised for being slightly later than he’d anticipated as he’d gone out of the way to a local charger so I wouldn’t have to go and charge immediately. The new vehicle is spotless inside and out despite a long journey from the depot and the handover was friendly, professional, slick and very quick. Guess the only downside is that since it’s so easy I might start doing it more often…


Woohooo! We love a good experience! :+1:

What have you swapped from/to?

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Gone from a Kona Ultimate 64kWh to a Zoe GT Line+. Not going to be driving much for a couple of months so didn’t need the Kona’s range. First impressions are good: boot space and interior feel much larger although of course the vehicle itself is smaller.


Having had a Kona, I know they’re are a difficult act to follow.

When I originally signed up for Onto, last year, I imagined I would be in a Zoe, but so far haven’t got into one - so interested to hear relative comparisons :+1:t3: Having gone to a more cramped interior and smaller boot in the Mocky, am intrigued that the Zoe might give a better practical experience! :thinking:


I actually went from a Zoe into a Kona when I first joined.
The Zoe is a good car for it’s price bracket.

With good range and a deceptively large boot with some good overall tech kit

It is let down however by an atrocious ENCAP safety rating.

I couldn’t get away with the seat position for me but overall it did what it said on the tin.

A good value car.


I recently took an Ioniq 5 and a Kia EV6 for a test drive; I think they and the Kona have a lot more bells and whistles but am happy with the Zoe so far.

The first thing I did with it was filled it with suitcases and drove it 160 miles: the boot space is really good. With the Kona, one big suitcase pretty much filled the boot and putting one on top raised the parcel shelf. I got 2 of them into the Zoe with a large hold-all and still had some space left. I’m over 6’ but had another cabin size suitcase stood up on the floor behind the drivers’ seat with no issues. The remaining range indicator was very up and down but that was to be expected with all the weight on board.

Couple of minor irritations so far are that the a/c doesn’t seem to stay on when charging and it pops up with quite a lot of messages about chargers when driving (the most worrying one being “no reachable chargers within available range”) which were I new to EVs would have set me off in a panic but I knew there were lots of them. Renault’s app is also not a patch on Hyundai’s but you get what you pay for.