Car subscription v leasing/finance

Hi guys I’m looking forward to my journey with onto what is everyone’s thoughts? I really want to subscribe for about 2 years has anyone had a car for over a year? Has there price changed from month to month? Im new so please understand my worries hehe I keep thinking if I keep my car for say a year and I don’t go over the mileage etc will my monthly subscription go up by say 50pound or 100 pound a month? Or will it stay the same?

I have been with onto for over 4 months now and will be subscribing for any more. A PCP deal restricts you on your mileage per year but with onto you can buy extra miles if you need. Also also you have to worry about servicing the vehicle at your own cost.

There has only ever been 1 price change that I’m aware of and at that point they allowed all existing renters to remain at the old pricing. Ultimately it’s only a 1 month term so no large commitment at any time you become unhappy or your needs change send it back !!


True Im looking at having my car for upto 2 years as I’m saving for a car I just think its good all round servicing mot free electric its a good

I love the fact that I have no worries, I’ve been with ONTO since April and Drover for a year before that. It’s great to swap and change when needs or feels suit so far with onto I’ve had the ZE40 and ZE50 GT Line and a ZE50 Iconic and now the E-208, apart from the strange look from the neighbours who have seen 4 brand new cars on the drive this year I love it, lol. I’m never going to buy my own car again this way is just so much better and more enjoyable in my opinion. I love the freedom it gives to swap and change whenever


Yh same I might be here for few years to come hehe along as my monthly payments don’t sky high lol

As prices for the Peugeot and DS have only just been set, I would think it’s unlikely to increase for a good while. Historically, ONTO have left existing customers on the tariff in force when they signed up. There has only been one price increase, and that was in January 2020. So there could be an increase to other models this January, if they intend doing yearly reviews.

I’ve had mine since March 2019.
Over that time I’ve had a few issues with the app not working (say 4 times in total and nothing at all since Feb this year). Apart from that I’ve literally only had to put fluid in the windscreen washers. (Apart from the time I “won” the Model S for a month and it ran out of battery when on charge overnight)

I like the month to month nature of the deal, even though I can’t see me changing for the foreseeable. The downside is that they could put the price up, but I wouldn’t have to pay it if I didn’t want to, it’s not as if they can force you.

If it was my only car and I absolutely needed to manage a budget that would be a bigger deal than it is for me now. I don’t even mind the app now, think I prefer it to a key overall.


I miss keyless entry too much, got so used to it with the Zoe, now I’m constantly having to remember to lock the doors and I forget frequently. I think the app would at this stage help me in remembering to lock but seeing as I can’t use the app in any case I best get used to locking again !

Wonder if you’ll get a call about handing it back early next year?

They swapped it for a new one in March this year so I’m hopeful I’ll get another year out of it.

Have had a good run if not.

Still can’t find anything close. Absolutely love the i3 as well.


My view is that when you take into account the “all inclusive” nature of the onto subscription (especially insurance but also charging–albeit limited to Polar/CYC) the price is actually very competitive compared to long-term leasing. The flexibility to stop/start subscription on-demand is also a real bonus.

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