Car subscription (rental) prices

Onto, will you ever review the prices on the top tier vehicles? Such as the E-Tron or the Jaguar I-Pace. @Onto-Team

They are both nice cars, but overpriced. Who can agree with me here? Even if you were to exclude the “No charging option” you would pay a ridiculous amount of money topping it up yourself. I have had the E-Tron before and the real world mileage isn’t what they say it is. The mileage went down so quick, I was topping the car up 2-3 times a week. If I’m honest £1369 doesn’t seem like a great deal to me, especially because you’ll never actually own the car either.

I guess there are some good incentives, but not enough to spank £1369 a month on.

Just going on a rant I guess…

Out of interest, what would you say was a good (acceptable) price for them?

You could indeed argue that £1369 isn’t a great deal as you never own it - but other people may look at it the other way - £1369 to use a car that you can pretty much wash your hands of with a little bit of notice to some may be amazing value!

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Well Europcar are offering a lovely MG for the same money. Of course you’d have to find extra money to buy the fuel.


I think £900-£1000 is reasonable. But… I will agree with you on the point of being able to return the car with short notice. Onto do offer good incentives with a lot flexibility, but having a car valued at £1369 is quite expensive. But… yeah I would hands down pay£900-£1000 a month because I really liked the car. I think by far the black edition is the best looking car out of all of the Onto cars. (That’s just me)

What would be an even better incentive would to give long-standing Onto customers would be to give us a discount on the Tier 4 cars. I think it’s “wishful” thinking but it would be nice.

Europcar is a robbery I’d never go with them. That’s ridiculous that an MG is £1345 a month.

I used Hertz last month for a month hire and managed to get a polestar 2 long range dual motor for £850 a month using Mastercard discount , collected from Gatwick

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You would need to commit to 12months to get that price, which is available at another subscription service, otherwise it’s much the same pricing on a monthly service.

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I don’t really like the Polstar. Did you like it, how did it drive?

I don’t think Onto offer the one year subscription. I know Elmo has a subscription that allows you to have the car for the 12 months, Onto is a month and rolling.

Or am I wrong about this?

Correct as I indicated in my post.
There are plenty of threads on this and other forums debating pricing and Onto always has the best prices for a monthly subscription service (no deposit) when you compare apples with apples.

The only way to get lower monthly prices is to commit to one, two or more years in the same car. That ties you in and you need to have made the right choice at the outset. Flexibility is ONTO’s strength swapping cars as and when you want.


Polestar is a great car, the only thing I didn’t like is the large raised centre console.

Polestar was a nice drive , this one had plenty of power being the dual motor , only thing I found was the ride is quite bumpy

I do find that with a lot of electric vehicles, most of them did feel bumpy. The only car I found that deal with bumpy roads well is a Range Rover, but those cars are expensive.

Was it the performance version? That has a much stiffer ride for sure.

Yeah. I got to say I am glad that I did discover OnTo - it does offer the flexibility around pricing and for how long you want the vehicle for. I guess OnTo won’t change the price on the E-Tron. Just like you said there were many others who most likely fought to get the price decreased.

It was long range dual motor , so definitely had sports suspension, still prefer the Tesla I have with onto now

Love my Polestar 2 LRSM, no issues with the ride quality either to be fair in the 3 months I have had it…

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We now have a LR Dual motor as a fleet car and to be honest the site manager I have loves it , the interior I prefer to the Tesla

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Find somewhere cheaper … that is a subscription based service if you want cheaper go get a long term lease

I think Tesla is the best option out of all of the electric vehicles. I think the Tesla’s could be slightly cheaper. I know it has all of the technology and drives well, but you can get a Tesla Model 3 quite cheap now.

But… hands down the Tesla is the best option.