Car Returns - Better Comms Happening!

Surprised and hugely impressed at another small step Onto are making.

I got an unexpected email today - thanking me for return of car (13th April) ….

I think it’s really helpful to see confirmation that car has been returned, now inspected, and state (within fair wear and tear) acknowledged.

One less anxiety in the world

And no one needs fear ending up with my last Onto car :flushed::man_shrugging::joy: apparently


Thanks @K12Beano , we’re still making improvements to a lot of areas but the logistics and damages side of customer experience is definitely one of them.

We want our customers to get excited when their delivery is coming and get involved with the hype that surrounds that, but equally we want to keep customers informed when their car has been returned so it hasn’t just vanished with no contact for weeks.

We’re making progress every day and we’ll always aim to be better than the day before.

Thank you for your feedback , it’s much appreciated