Car return form

Just clicked on the arrange car return, filled it all in and submitted, did not receive acknowledgment e-mail, is this normal?
Would have expected that my submission would have been acknowledged with standard reply at least.
Sad to see my Ioniq go, but it was always going to be short term.
Subscription does not end until 2nd Feb, but my new car is coming Friday, 3 month earlier than advised.


O/T… but what are you getting?

Back to a Toyota Hybrid

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I don’t know the answer - but presumably you have kept a screenshot of the form - “jic”?

I presume like other things the Onto system will chug along with various automated bits and bobs, but maybe the “Return Vehicle” process triggers a need for human response at their end? :thinking:

Online chat - tomorrow - may be your friend

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Probably a phone call tomorrow from them, but will give them a bell also.

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@Jimmi Yes, it’s normal. Same lack of acknowledgement happened to me. I had to email them to ask whether my submission was received successfully. Seems a bit silly to not have some kind of automatic acknowledgement, as it’s creating extra work for them to reply to subscribers asking if the form was received!


@zeus thanks, this day and age acknowledging a email is very easy and a standard thing to do


@Jimmi Yeah, it’s not like they are a startup that has only been around for a few weeks working out of someone’s spare bedroom. This is pretty basic stuff.

A startup business is usually considered to be just that for at least the first 5 years, until they have scale/profitability/employee numbers etc. So Onto are still fleshing out their offering and dynamically changing with a new evolving service. Having said the above there should still be some basic process and procedures in place for online system events like the one above.

Will flag this for @Lily_at_Onto @Raheel_at_Onto @Ayman_at_Onto to get resolved internally.

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@burnt_crisps2 Actually, there is no universal definition of when a startup is no longer a startup, although the info you cite is one of the top search results on google when searching for when a startup no longer a startup.

Some say you’re no longer a startup when you have found a business model. Personally, when a business like Onto has scaled in terms of fleet, having started in 2017 with 5 cars, and also subscribers and raised a total of $245 million then I personally regard them as a business rather than a “struggling” startup. They have had enough time (and financing) to sort out basic business processes.


Totally agree and intrigued to hear my benchmark of 5 years is still the supposed norm as it was decades ago. Worked for a number of startups and other businesses and it always surprises me how some overlook some fundamental processes and procedures. Seems they run before they can walk, but guess that’s part of the opportunity window getting the product to market first.

I was taking Evezy/Onto as being not quite 3 years old, as the previous ‘taxi Uber’ business was kinda different.

So this year we expect Onto to get everything running hunky dory across all elements of the business, especially now the pandemic is over. :wink:

Can I use this as a question in my Predictions for 2022 Survey? :wink:

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Hi @Jimmi!

Thanks for flagging - you should receive a confirmation email on submission. I’ll check first thing to see if anything is going awry in that process.



Absolutely, you have my blessing :blush:


@Jimmi Hi Jimmi

While Ayman is looking into any backend issues causing problems for members I just wanted to confirm having checked the system we have received your request and it’s awaiting processing today.

I will have one of the team reach out via email today once they have completed this to confirm all is well with your collection so you have the details in writing

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this



@Dan_at_Onto thanks for that


Thanks again for letting us know about the above - the car return form email acknowledgment has now been updated :slight_smile: