Car Return Farce

Been going through the process of returning my VW ID3 via end of subscription car return process.

Absolutely no issue with the car, charging or service provided by Onto…until now. Took delivery of the car 23/9/21 and renewed every month whilst I’ve been waiting for my new car to be built (which it now has).

So with the hire contract with Onto due for renewal on 23rd May, I initiated the return process via the website. When you do so the form states that the collection should be 7 days before your existing hire agreement runs out, which would have been today (16/5/22). I completed the form but later thought “well I’ve paid till the 23rd May so would like to get use of the car till then”.

I sent in a email saying can I keep the car till 20th May and have collection then, received a reply, yep, no problem.

Onto have subsequently charged me for 4 days use covering the 16th - 20th. I’ve queried this and seem to be getting “computer says no” approach.

Anyone else encountered this ?

@Raheel_at_Onto - Are you able to get the common sense hat out please ? My existing hire agreement is until the 23/5/22, the car is still being collected before then, so how can I be charged twice ?

Good morning @jonathanm - I’ve sent you a DM explaining the reasons for the charge. Feel free to drop me a DM if you have any further questions.


[email protected] :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clearing this up Raheel : )

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@jonathanm - not a problem, you’re very welcome. :slight_smile: