Car return and damage notification

I returned my car almost 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing since would I be OK to assume that no damage was identified that I will be charged for? I’ve been given very conflicting timelines for damage notification by chat function and calling in so I thought I’d ask the experts :laughing:

I did a thorough check when I sent it back and could not see any damage myself and it was fully cleaned and charged to 80% so I wasn’t expecting anything but I don’t want to go spending the £350 I have to one side in case in 2 weeks they come back and say I owe them that amount!!

I’ll also be interested in seeing the responses to this and I wonder if it’s an area for @Adam_at_Onto to add to his improvement list :grinning: It’d be nice to get a level of confirmation with either good or bad news within, for example, a month.

With the two cars I’ve returned, I’ve heard nothing back (the first was returned 10 months ago, the second 3 months ago), they were both pristine when returned so that’s not altogether unexpected, but the collection driver of the most recent one did say he was keeping the car over the next day or two, so it would have been nice to know that it had got back to base in the pristine condition I had left it in.

But there have apparently been people who have reveived notification of damages soon after return, people who have received notification of damages many months after return and also people who have received confirmation of no damage. A bit more consistency in this area would definitely be a good thing :slight_smile:


Should bring in a rule that ONTO must inform customer of any damage or inform them of clean bill of health within 28 days from car collection. After that the cost falls on ONTO.
Bit tough? But saves customers a anxious wait


Even 28 days is generous to Onto imo. Should be a fortnight, I reckon.


It’s not Onto that are doing the inspections though, it’s the logistics companies, so 2 week delay plus before even advising Onto.


I agree, but that isn’t any concern to the customer, our contract is with OntO and not the 3rd Party.

It should be within a reasonable time frame, so 28 days is plenty, outside of that then its on OntO…


@thundertim @dolores1976 thanks for flagging, I agree that it should be <28 days from return to notification and its something that is already under review process wise.

@dolores1976 I will pass on your details to the team that deal with turnaround so they can give you a status update.


Just to add to this, I just received my damage report after the return exactly one month after I returned the car on the 4th July. Considering onto states they will contact us within 15 days if any damage is found double that time is a bit excessive in my opinion.