Car Restock Plans and Chip Shortage Updates

Hi all,

As you may or may not be aware, there is currently a chip shortage across the board, which is affecting delivery of cars. Due to this, car launches such as the ID3 Family Pro Performance and Audi Q4 e-tron are having to be delayed until further notice.

We understand this isn’t fantastic news, especially since we know how excited many of you are to get these cars booked. However, to keep you in the loop, we’re taking strides to be as transparent as possible with when more cars will be available going forward. So, when we have more of your favourites in the fleet, we will now start updating you using the car labels found in the ‘Cars’ category page!

As for the aforementioned cars that haven’t launched yet, keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll keep notifying you as soon as we have more information.

We really appreciate your patience while we try to resolve this!


No problemo. The extra transparency is a good move I think :+1:


Transparency and Honesty is always a good way for a company to be :slight_smile:


Cheers for the update but a bummer about the delay, really looking forward to getting either of them. Hopefully onto can get stock soon.

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Ditto appreciate the heads up and transparency. I was kind of counting on the ID.3 Family being announced soon as an option to allow us to retire our i3, I’m guessing the indefinite nature of this delay means we should look to try and book something else instead?

In light of this I’ve decided to take the plunge and go for the ID.3 Life in a few week’s time.

Very nearly managed one next week though it got nabbed at the last minute, but in practice it would have been just before a trip and it’s best not to have the first time you drive the car be a >200mi trip to visit family.

I’ll still keep everything crossed for more news soon on the Family model – probably you can guarantee the day before we take delivery of the Life the new model will drop :joy:


:rofl::rofl: I keep thinking that same thing about it showing up as soon as mine arrived - I think today’s update makes me feel better about having the Life for a few months to get accustomed to everything - the rest of the features are just bonus comforts


I’m just taking some cold comfort from the fact we still can’t really go to and from France particularly easily - which is the sort of trip we would most want to use the ID.3 for - maybe in the autumn… :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:


Appreciate the communication, transparency and honesty - thanks for the update


Knew I should have kept that ID3 life booking…… :man_facepalming::weary:

Never mind, appreciate the transparency and hope they arrive soon! Looking forward to getting one!


Oddly enough I have been looking at becoming a 2 EV car family for some time, hence lots of test drives to assess what might fit our overall needs and kinda settled on a smaller EV to go with the I-Pace, but which one and which compromises? And do we keep the i-Pace or change that for something similar but less money etc.?

So had a Zoe GT in blue, ‘in the bag’, but got sidetracked and came back later to find dates had shifted out and now only flame red available. Really odd as I/we have been red car mad for quite a while and now I really like other colours (BlackCat, GreyCat) and the 2 blues for the Zoe looked very appealing, but red? Sat and looked at pics and dates and well is the Zoe the best compromise, or the e208 and what colours are they in….

And I am also acutely aware of auto manufacturers issues and semiconductor shortages etc. So let’s just get a flame red one and then the neighbours will probably not even notice :joy:

So even though the ‘system’ let me repeatedly select a Monday for the car, it would not process through, so low and behold select the next day and yes it’s been accepted for late September.

By the way, I looked at the Renault Zoe website and it would appear that Zircon Blue is no longer available and the Zoe seems to be branded ‘e-tech electric’ now, along with other product lines.


I currently have a flame red Zoe and I love the colour it really pops in the sun - when it’s clean I hasten to add :joy::joy::joy::joy:.
Zircon blue was discontinued last year I believe and now there’s a odd purple that’s replaced it. Lol. As far as I’m aware.

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Have you test drove one yet? :grimacing:

Yeah I did a couple of weeks ago. I drove a 1st edition with the same motor as the Onto models (so no sunroof but it did have matrix lights, 18” alloys and a reversing camera).

It was about what I expected; definitely feels slower than the i3 which I think mostly comes from the size, stability and quietness (not bad properties to have). I knew what the interior fit out would look and feel like and while it’s not BMW quality I still prefer it to the Hyundai’s.

After playing with the smart regen and B mode I got comfortable with the drive. I know the infotainment system will take some getting used to but am confident I’ll cope.

The i3 is pretty unique, I think to have something as fun to drive at a bigger size you’d have to go to a Tesla Model 3 which obviously is a big step up price wise. I wouldn’t turn one down but for the money would prefer an e tron or the Jag for sure.