Car locked me out

At this moment of time, I find myself being “locked out” in retail car park, thankfully they don’t have no physical barriers.

The Scenario.

I decided to charge my car so I parked up in parking bay, at this moment I opened the door, to check I have parked properly.

I get out of the vehicle, ( car still switched on keys inside. The wind blows and closes the door.

Now I have been unable to open the door, despite the car still being switched on! And I did not lock the car, key still inside, Engine still switched on.

I try locking/ unlocking through my app, still not working, spoke to onto customer support who tried to remort lock, despite their system showing car is unlocked.

I then got transferred to breakdown and Eventually spoke to Hyundai breakdown support, explained the issue and she said this is not covered under the type of cover I have, but they can still send help if I pay £120.00 but this does not guarantee a fix, at 10pm I didn’t really have the time or the energy to dispute the charge so I reluctantly paid this,

I am hoping that this can be resolved. I will keep you updated. But as you can imagine the car is not locked, nor I have locked it, it looks like and electronic bug somewhere.

I have photos to show that the car was still switched on,

Been told by Hyundai breakdown that support should be here by 11.40pm…

Oh no !!
Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.


Not really the recovery guy came, and thankfully openend the car door without no damage.

However in his opinion the keyfob is not communicating with car anymore, unable to switch the car on battery has been drained fully, however my Bluetooth on my phone was connected to the ioniq, and my app shows battery at 30%…

Unable to move the car, recovery person his flatbed not designed to take EV car.

I got dropped off home, had a callback from Driverline very helpful.

Spoke to Driverline few moments ago who confirmed battery is 7.1kw so it’s just needs a boost.despite it showing 30%.

Could have been worse, however I was close to home, but still for this to happen it’s very frustrating and annoying.

Round 2. Let’s see what happens in the morning…

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I assume you mean 7.1 Volts. They’ll be talking about the 12 Volt small battery just like your regular ICE car would also have. Not the big traction battery that probably does still have 30% charge in it.

That would explain everything that’s happened. When the 12 Volt battery goes bad your car can do all kinds of weird things when it misbehaves.

It can be boosted temporarily, but unfortunately once they get that low they will have likely sustained internal damage and never work the way they should, meaning it will continue to cause you trouble quite regularly. It’s going to more than likely need a new 12v battery fitted.

Before this incident, have you at any point forgot to lock the car when away from it, or perhaps left a light on, or not closed the trunk properly? Or even just left it parked up and not used it for a long time - Just trying to establish if there’s anything different recently that could help explain it before they end up having to test various things for unexpected power draw.


@Molly good morning

It looks like driverline were referring to your 12V battery which is separate to the battery you charge when you visit a charge point as @Koda mentioned. Your traction battery could show 100% but just like an ICE car no matter how much fuel you have it won’t go anywhere with a flat 12V.

This would explain why your key wasn’t locking or unlocking the doors. It’s not so much the key not communicating with the car but that when the 12V is flat and you press the unlock button the car physically doesn’t have enough power in the 12V to lock or unlock itself.

As for the Onto app, this doesn’t work when the vehicle is turned on. The app can only instruct the vehicle when it’s turned off completely.

I hope the above helps explain things in an easy to understand way. I hope driverline are able to boost or replace your 12V with no hassle today however if you do need any assistance please reach out to one of us.

Have a beautiful day!

Kind regards


Thank for your reply @Koda @Dan_at_Onto, yes your right it’s the 12v battery that’s causing the issue, hopefully this gets replaced, as I seem to remember a post on the forum, despite the boost the problem will still occur again. So it’s either a new battery or a new car.

“Before this incident, have you at any point forgot to lock the car when away from it, or perhaps left a light on, or not closed the trunk properly? Or even just left it parked up and not used it for a long time - Just trying to establish if there’s anything different recently that could help explain it before they end up having to test various things for unexpected power draw”

I haven’t done either of those above @Koda, but I always feared the 12v battery :battery: issues, and unfortunately it’s now happened to me.

I think it’s the onto dash cam, that’s what’s probably drained the 12v battery, the led lights on those have been more noticeable in the last few days especially during dark. Only after I switch off the car.

The Onto equipment does draw power to send periodic updates back to the server while the car is switched off. This is normal but it monitors the 12v system for voltage drops and under normal operation this shouldn’t cause any harm.

Hyundai have a bit of a reputation for installing cheap, low capacity batteries in their EVs. That will most definitely be the point of failure. The Onto kit may have very slightly sped up the power drain but unlikely that it’s the cause unless you are very unlucky and have faulty equipment installed.

Keep us updated with what happens from here. Hopefully you’re back on the road again soon!


@Molly Hey Molly

It could just be a standard 12V drop like ICE vehicles see. Our Dashcams and ACCM/CSM Hardware in the vehicles draw such a tiny amount of power that it would take months of not using the vehicle at all before it would begin to affect the 12V.

Unfortunately nothing is perfect and from time to time the 12V batteries do fail or become faulty but if this is the case it falls under your maintenance cover and we will have it replaced for you :slight_smile:

I believe @Raheel_at_Onto is on the community today so if you have any issues I’ve tagged him in in case I’m not about



@Koda correct me if wrong but in the driver information screen there is a setting where you can select to charge the 12v from the main drive battery.
This is set to on by default, if it is unchecked it will not automatically recharge the 12v.

Some of the Ioniqs on onto’s fleet have a massive problem with the 12v batteries. Slimtrader had the Ioniq he received for a review that then subsequently died the next morning swapped out for another one that he used for his review for that month. A few months afterwards my ex-wife received that very same Ioniq (the one that Slimtrader was swapped into, the one that was supposed to be good) and had nothing but problems with it and it definitely had the aux battery saver option on - I double checked. The 12v battery died three times within a week I believe and went to Hyundai and they couldn’t find a problem.

On the other hand I’ve had my Ioniq for almost a year now and never had a problem with it, so I guess it’s luck of the draw.


That’s correct. On the Ioniq you’ll get a flashing blue light on the dash once or twice a day for about 15 minutes. On the Kona you get a little yellow light on the front badge. That’s the 12v Battery care system, also known as ‘Aux battery saver+’ so as well as charging up while the car is in use it will also keep it topped up while switched off and parked up too.

This was present in early versions of the software, but the option was removed in later updates (for the Kona at least. I’ve not had a chance to confirm with the Ioniq yet despite having one sat outside my house right now!) with it forcefully switched on for everyone with no user end toggle to disable it. This will always happen as long as the HV Battery is over 20% Charged.

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@Molly sorry to hear of this. Being trapped in a car park late at night is not the safest of places to be locked out of your car. Glad you got dropped home safely

My Ioniq, as Koda pointed out, will periodically top up the 12v battery throughout the day on just the out of box default settings.

I’d also recommend that if you are sat in the car not moving but using any lights, climate control, infotainment etc to power the car on so you get the green ready light. You can also do this while the car charges so you can be warmed and entertained while waiting.

If you are not charging and need to use the above devices for a long period of time, put the car into Utility Mode. It will use the traction battery rather than 12v to power all the devices (unsure if it powers them directly or just constantly feeds power to the 12v)


Just to add, the car was in for service with Hyundai last Friday, not sure if that makes any difference.

Update: Car is now being recovered to a Hyundai Garage, I did ask for a replacement car or new battery, but they said the car needs to go to a garage for an assessment.

Breakdown to provide a courtesy car for 48 hrs, will probably end up returning my faulty Hyundai, don’t think they will replace the car.

The Hyundai dealer will assess the battery and car to find out what failed. If it’s the 12v battery they can swap that out under warranty pretty quickly and easily.

As per your subscription terms, you need to allow the dealer at least a week with the car. If it’s not back with you and fixed by then you can ask Onto customer services to consider a replacement vehicle. But until then it would be the alternative mobility from Hyundai assistance whether that’s a courtesy car or rental car, or travel expenses.

I can’t imagine this will be too complex or anything to get to that point where you need to swap to a new Onto car though. Unless they’re crazy busy right now you should have it all sorted shortly.

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You should be provided with a courtesy vehicle which can then be extended as required to keep you mobile. This will likely be a petrol or diesel car however please keep your fuel receipts as we will reimburse fuel costs you incur up to your subscription miles of 33 miles per day.

If your vehicle is for any reason in the garage for 7 days or more, we will arrange to replace the vehicle for you

I hope this helps



Just to update after having a play with my Ioniq. I can confirm the 12V battery care system has also been removed from the most recent software on the Ioniq too just like it was on the Kona. It’s now always enabled with no option to switch it off.

Also while I’m back on this thread - Any progress update with the situation? @Molly - Hope it’s all sorted by now!

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Mine can still be disabled, but I need a software update.
Can you do this Automatic update in the Ioniq @Koda ??

Nope no OTA updates on anything but the Ioniq 5 I’m afraid. You need to use the Hyundai Updater software on a PC and a large USB stick.


The Car had it’s 12v battery replaced by the dealership, fingers and toes crossed. I only got the car back yesterday late afternoon.


@Koda can you point me in right direction for the correct update :laughing: