Car excess insurance

Good evening. Debut post and onto newbie - been really impressed so far.

I have two questions on rental excess insurance though please…

1). I’ve taken the policy out in my name but work will pay it for me as salary sacrifice meaning it’ll go on to the onto business paperwork. Do I need to therefore get business car excess insurance or can I get my own as I’ll be the only named driver on the rental agreement?

2). Started agreement today - some sites seem to suggest it’s too late to take out an excess policy? I just wanted an annual one that covered me for for all of my rentals. Are there companies that will let me start it now on my current rental?

Thank you for any help.

Hey, welcome to the forums!
Your agreement start date (the day of delivery) is when your first monthly rental agreement begins. If you buy excess insurance from that day forward, you won’t be covered for that rental period, though you will be from your next renewal or swap.

Be sure to investigate the provider you pick. Some seem to exclude Onto, others make payout quick and easy with this subscription service. I know Insurance4CarHire is a very popular one here.

I’m not the best person to advise on what type of policy you may need for your circumstances, but it will definitely be worth checking out to see if you need a special business one. There are people who know more about these things who I’m sure will be online and give advice soon.

So, what car did you choose?

Hi Koda

Thanks for your help. So I’ve got to wait until 1/4 for my excess cover to be valid. Would I then need a new one out fir every month (or set on automatic renewal).

I went for the Hyundai ioniq - great car and perhaps I’ve got lucky as it is brand new (not everyone gets brand new) plus a premium edition. Plan on keeping it for quite a while.

Looking into further, it seems as named drivers on a policy and a named driver with the excess is an ok combination to have. I’ve never made a claim in 15 years so hopefully that run will continue.

You can buy an annual policy and that will cover you from your next swap or renewal next month, as well as each month going forward, as long as you buy it before then it’s all good. You get a new rental agreement every month so no worries about that one.

While there is no guarantee of a new car, the Ioniq was only recently added to the fleet. They aren’t old enough for people to be returning them yet so everyone should be getting brand new at the moment. They are all Premium trim level too. You can find out more about the model and features you’ll find in your car at the link I will post at the bottom of this.

They are fantastic cars. Super efficient. Once restrictions are eased and you can go further afield you’ll appreciate just how capable these are along longer distances too, despite the fairly small battery in comparison to other models out there today. I’m personally a huge fan of the old model with even smaller 28kWh battery. I used to take that all over the UK!

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As always we need to remember that while we can point each other in the right direction, ultimately we need to check the policy details ourselves to make sure that it suits our personal situation.

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