Car delivery / swap logistics

Not to discredit the value of delivery - but given the increased cost implications & the fact it doesn’t help Onto commercially, I’m curious, is there a reason pick-up, drop-off & drive-to-swap aren’t available?

Pick-up: perhaps not necessarily from storage - but similarly in principle to ‘click & collect’ ecommerce models. Pick up from a number of defined locations & reduce the operational density?

Drop-off: similarly to the above, but returned to a specific lot

^ These two are similarly to how Virtuo function operationally - in addition to charged-for delivery (great product & experience)

Drive-to-swap: Whether actual swap between two individuals (eliminate middle-man), or, drive to the lot that the vehicle is stored in & leave in it’s place.

I imagine some operational complexities in setting up sites, but, if execution was there I’m sure many people would rather this (for shorter car lead times & cutting out/reducing the charge)

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This was how it was done pre-COVID.


Stopped because of COVID, or prior to it?

Last I checked, we left restrictions behind some time ago. Curious to know the potential reasoning for not returning to it.

It was announced as temporary during Covid - but I think it’s firmly set as permanent now - previous posts requesting swap points / collections have been shot down pretty quickly.

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I recall that the physical key has been cited as a major issue. When the swap points were in operation there were no keys and locking/unlocking etc. was done solely through the app. Physical keys would now have to be left in the car at the swap points, which would surely invalidate insurance if the car was stolen.

Onto still has to pay an agency to drive the car to the swap point and collect cars and return back to base for cleaning etc. before the next hire.


Onto grew a lot since the early days. Now the cars aren’t stored in a central location owned by Onto, but rather shared out regionally and handled by the likes of Gefco on their behalf instead.

The delivery service that Gefco offers is with the cars being delivered (or collected) by drivers rather than being transported. So there is no option for savings by sending multiple cars to the same collection point.

If I booked a car in the old times for collection, as someone who lives in Newcastle, I would have had to go to a Sainsburys car park in the outskirts of Manchester to be able to pick it up… Or pay a much higher delivery fee than the current one. So it’s an improvement over how it used to be for a lot of people honestly.

Also today, if I book a car for delivery to my home it could come from BCA Manchester, or it could come from Gefco in Doncaster. So even in one set region the fleet is now so big and so fragmented that it’s just easier to deliver one car at a time to a subscriber’s home or workplace for the sake of convenience. Plus as an added bonus if your delivery is delayed you haven’t gone potentially hundreds of miles to a swap point just to find that your car isn’t there yet.


It’s a logistics nightmare and would be even more costly for Onto. Many threads on here discussing previously, but it’s unlikely to return. The current delivery/collection cost is substantially less than what the logistics companies charge Onto. Think @E7EV had some numbers he shared before.