Car Camping - Ioniq

Hey all,

Has anyone tried car camping in their car? My sister goes car camping in her Ford Focus Estate and I know my Ioniq has a car camping/utility mode.

Was curious about trying it for camping and wasn’t sure if anyone here has done it?

In theory I wouldn’t even need the camping mode if on an electric pitch if I use an adapter? Though even without an electric hookup or using the cars Camping mode I’ve got two large capacity power banks and have attached a portable 4G/5G WiFi router that has a battery

Electricity aside, has anyone had any experience in terms of the practicality of car camping in something like the Ioniq? My main concern is the removable boot floor has a maximum weight of 70 or 80kg so I’d have to either support it or replace it with something sturdy. Obviously nothing permanent as it’s not my car :wink:

Any tips or advice would be most helpful

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Not tried it in an Ioniq, but have in a Tesla Model S and Model 3 and the old man’s Volvo V50.


Bet the V50 was quite spacious!

I’ll be honest I’ve not actually lowered the rear seats, moved the front seats forward and actually tried to see how much room there is. But just for me for one or two nights at 5ft 9 I imagine it’ll suffice.

I just can’t be bothered to pitch a tent for a night or weekend trip when I have shelter that I can already control lol

Edit: @E7EV did you find campsites were quite open to you car camping? I’ve heard many are dead set against it, certainly the larger ones


I had blackout curtains that I tucked / clipped into the roof liner / door rubbers etc and slept in the M3 while plugged in to public 7kw chargers while travelling through Europe - I had a full size single mattress in the back with the rear seats lowered, it was surprisingly comfortable.

I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable in other vehicles without “Camp Mode” which kept the AC/Heating on overnight.


I’ll take that on board then. I might splash out on an adapter so I can connect the car to an electric hookup (presumably either directly or via 3-pin?) I’ve seen some sites offer 10amps and some 16amps. I assume I’d need 16 as the granny charger is 13amps?

Then I can put the car in camp mode and keep the battery charged up

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He is a wild camper from what I recall.:older_man:


It’s got a 13 Amp plug and fuse on the end of it. But it only charges at 10 Amps max. You can also further reduce this to 8 or even 6 Amps in the car’s settings from memory.


As @Grandadgeorgec correctly remembers, with the Teslas I found quiet lay-bys or car parks to stay in. One one occasion, it was at a visitor centre which did have a 7kW charging point which I used. I was back there recently, and security has been tightened up, so unfortunately it would no longer be possible.

As for the V50, it was parked alongside my parents small 2-berth caravan at a campsite in Devon. I think they paid for me to stay a couple of nights, but probably didn’t mention that it would be in the car! A lot of sites now charge extra if you are going to use their supply to charge an EV. Anywhere between £5 and £10 a day.


Hmm I might see how much battery running the AC all night uses and then find places near cheap or free chargers if that’s the case.

My idea is still up in the air, just looking for a way to have a cheap camping weekend break without the stress of putting up a tent just for myself

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Model S

Model 3



Is it comfortable sleeping in that car? Must be longer than the Kona, I had to sleep in that when we made the mistake of using a dirt cheap tent and it bucketed down and it was a tight squeeze at 5’8.

Which car are you referring to?

Sorry, I meant to quote OP but I forgot. :joy:

The Model 3 looks tight in terms of height.

Did you attach any awning or anything to the car or literally just the cars as they were?

The boot is bigger than the Kona, but not sure how much room there is. With the front seats forward I’d imagine there would be enough. I’ll try later and see

The Model 3 is a saloon rather than hatchback, but the seats fold flat. The metal “parcel shelf” is fixed so that’s where your legs go underneath!

Didn’t attach anything else and just used them as they are. Didn’t bother with any window blinds as I knew that I was going to stay in remote places.

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The main issue is that most vehicles have a step between the boot level and the folded rear bench. It’s a case of building up the boot level by perhaps a wooden platform supported by strong storage boxes or the like.

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I noticed this when I looked at the Nissan Leaf, the rear seats folded down have a huge step up from the boot floor.

The Ioniq it’s completely level but the rear seats aren’t fully flat they remain at a slight angle. But at least there is no height different between the boot floor and the seats.

I might buy some wood to put under the boot floor to give it some support, some curtains or similar for the windows and then should be most of the way there.

Still unsure about whether to buy a 3-pin mains adapter for an electric hookup to keep the car charged. Plus side is full battery when done, A/C on all night without worry and can run other electrics too. But means paying for the adapter and paying extra for an electric pitch.

I need to find campsites that’ll allow car camping and tonight I’ll see how much room there is in the back to ensure I’ll even fit

I’m torn between buying curtains for all the windows, or buying a large ground sheet to cover the car that I can peg down and use a pole to make an opening to the car door.