Can't make a booking

I’ve been trying to book a reservation but each time I try my card that definitely has money on fails my bank say it’s not a issue on there side and onto live chat and phone can’t figure out why it’s not working either. Have even tried another card but still keep getting the same problem.

I had a car booked but cancelled it as wanted to book a different car that came up but now can’t seem to book any at all

Hopefully @Raheel_at_Onto can help?

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Hi @Lindseyanne85 - sorry to hear you’re having an issue adding your payment card.

Just out of curiosity - have you tried on different systems (phone, laptop, pc) to see if that makes any difference.

If you’ve tried the above & are still having this issue, feel free to drop me a DM :grin:

Yes I’ve tried multiple and still the same messege

Have managed to book via phone


Good to hear trusty old technology works well :wink: