Can't Find A Vehicle

I live near Newcastle, NE England and just joined. I was after a Peugeot 208, but none available. So I tried BMW i3, none available. Then I tried Renault Zoe… Only in black. Not very impressed I’m afraid.

Give ONTO a call as there will be others available up and down the country, just they may need to relocate one for you.

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There’s an i3 available on my list
Defo give them a phone :phone:


Hi. Thanks for the reply. I rang them, and they confirmed only the black Zoe in 'the north:

Thanks. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Nice to see another local :slight_smile:
The fleet availability changes regularly, sometimes several times a day. In Newcastle you’ll be relying on the availability of cars at the Gefco depot just outside of Doncaster, or BCA in Manchester. Not the biggest two vehicle storage facilities in terms of the ONTO Fleet, but still have a fairly good turnover.

If you’re after a Zoe, you should get a ZE50 Easily enough without waiting very long. They ordered over 1000 of them and still get regular deliveries of more cars, as well as what other subscribers are returning. Keep checking and I would be surprised if you couldn’t get a booking made on one of the two ZE50 Trim levels within the next week.

Some other models are very popular and quite rare. Things like the i3 are best to try and get a hold of later down the line and get booked to swap into rather than waiting for one as it could be a long time, and they tend to get booked out as quickly as they show available.

Looking at my NE postcode I can see good availability for the ZE50 Iconic, ZE50 GT, Ioniq 38, and Kona 64 right now, with varying availability dates. Booking a later start date will also open up the opportunity of different colors.

What is your use case for the car, out of curiosity? The e-208 doesn’t have fantastic range, and often falls short of the claimed range numbers. Unless you have good options for convenient charging, and don’t need to cover many miles it may actually be more sensible to opt for the Renault or Hyundai anyways. Both are far more efficient options and should get you more distance between charge sessions.

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Thank you for the detailed reply. We have a home charger fitted under a recent government scheme, and can charge the vehicle overnight on the driveway. We tend to cover about 100-200 miles per week on relatively short, local journeys of 20 miles or less. I’ll see if I can book a Zoe for now, and try a 208 later.

Sounds like the poorer range of the e-208 Shouldn’t be a problem for you then. Still, the Zoe is a nice car with very good range, and at a lower price. See how you get on with it and take it from there. It’s only £49.50 to swap whenever you feel like it, so cheap and easy should you fancy a change.

At the time of writing you can get a Diamond Black ZE50 Iconic from March 24, or Highland Grey ZE50 Iconic from March 26. Also available is the ZE50 GT in Diamond Black from March 24, or Zircon Blue from April 1.

Hopefully one of those 4 will be to your taste for getting started.

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I’m in the north. Liverpool (so North West)
I’ve got an i3 as showing available in my list of available cars !!

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Thanks for the info. I’ve booked a Zoe for now, I’ll take it from there :wink:

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Going by the booking system, I assume you took the GT In black? Hope you enjoy it! I’ll give you a poke on here if I happen to come across an e208 available in this area, in case you are interested in swapping.

Hi, and thanks that would be great. We’ll see how we get on with the Zoe, but I think the e208 will stay on our ‘wishlist’. Thanks for your help.

No worries. If you have any questions about the Zoe you know where to find us!

Only other things to note now are if you want excess insurance, be sure to buy it ahead of your car arriving. You will only be covered if you get it before the start date as displayed on your hire agreement. Insurance4CarHire is the popular choice with many of us here for peace of mind about any insurance claims or damage charges since the standard excess is rather high at £1000.

And secondly, be sure to take a walk around your car once it’s delivered and take lots of photos of the condition and report any damage immedately. Check your car for the following:
-BP Pulse/Polar Plus card
-Shell Recharge card
-Wheel nut key
-Emergency tyre repair kit
-First Aid kit
-Breakdown kit (warning triangle etc.)
-User manual
-3-Pin Granny cable
-Type 2 Charging cable
-The dashcam is worth a quick check to see it is functioning correctly. All you need to do is make sure it’s lit up. Not only is it important for insurance purposes, but it also works with the ONTO App to keep your mileage and location records up to date.

And finally, you should download ONTO and Renault apps onto your phone ready for the upcoming delivery. The ONTO App will let you lock/unlock the car, check your mileage allowance and monitor your account. The Renault app will let you monitor charging sessions and pre-heat/cool the car so it’s comfortable ahead of each journey. Zap Map may also be useful to have for finding public chargepoints that you can use for free as part of your subscription, but since you have home charging it sounds unlikely that you will be making much use of them.


I was told they are taking delivery of new 208 gt’s in April so should be more choice then

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That’s great, thanks. As this car will be used by both myself, and my wife, I’m curious to know how she can be added to the insurance. With my current car policy, it was just a case of giving them her details - it actually brings the insurance cost down on all the policies I’ve had over the years.

“You can add up to 3 named drivers per vehicle. All they have to do is register on our website, you will then give us a call or an email as the main driver and we can get them added once we have approved them, subject to eligibility. There is a monthly fee of £9.99 for 1 named driver or £14.99 for up to 3 named drivers.”

Source -

If you’re talking about the hire car excess insurance, then as long as she’s an authorised driver on your monthly contracts, then she’ll be covered. If my memory serves we well, with insurance4carhire you can have up to 10 drivers covered.


Thank you for the information.

Someone put @Koda on the naughty step please! :smiley:

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Hey @Northstar - The e-208 GT Has just now become available for NE Postcode areas! Brand new delivery of cars from May 17 it would seem. Gray, red, yellow, black, white and blue all available.

Give them a call to get a swap arranged for anytime after that date to secure something to replace the Zoe after a couple of months trying that.