Can you ask for a physical key?

Hey all,
Got my 208 yesterday, all kinds of happy days lol Just wondering if anyone got a physical key as the delivery guy was certain they usually come with one. If not can you ask for one? :thinking:
Not a huge deal, would just be ideal.

No. You would only get a key if your device wasn’t compatible with the app, or there was a malfunction with their keyless access kit. They don’t really want anyone to have a key at all eventually, but for now some people have to.


Oh well, don’t ask don’t get lol Tbf not really ahd much issues with the app anyway. Occasionally the car wont change gear, but work after I kill the engine then lock/unlock the car :neutral_face:

Are you starting the car straight after unlocking? For security reasons the app will only disable the immobiliser for a short period of time after pressing unlock. If a certain amount of time passes you will have to re-connect and hit unlock again to be able to start the car and put it in ‘Ready’ mode where you can select a gear.

I think I did but now I’m doubting myself :thinking::sweat_smile: That may be It since that solution fixes it lol

The first few 208s did but I believe its all sorted now and app works fine with them

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