Can I swap?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just had my pre authorisation leave my account for next month’s subscription, but I’ve since decided that I want to swap my car. If I swap today and pay the full amount, will they still also take the money that has been pre authorised? I don’t want to end up paying twice in one month! Thanks :blush:

I have done this before. They just issue a credit automatically.

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The best way to swap in this case is to call and arrange the swap. That way they can issue you a credit for the swap. If you do it via the website or app you will have to pay for the new car in full and will then most likely receive the refund credited to your onto account.

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Thanks for the advice guys… was the credit issued same day as you booked or when you received the new car?

If you call to swap they will usually issue the credit while you’re on the call and then the invoice for the new car will be created so you’ll only have to pay the new invoice minus your credit.

In the case of my latest swap I booked it, signed the agreement and the money was taken as credit from my already renewed car I already paid. I just paid £20 odd i was short.

Just swap using the website. .

If your at the very start of your next month, it will work out the difference and credit your account accordingly and refund if needed .

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