Can I register Zoe on Renault App


Am I allowed to register my just arrived Zoe on the app from Renault so I can do things like preconditioning?

I did, and I’ve not been struck by a lightening bolt yet…

Yes, just remember to de register when you return the vehicle


Yes thats all allowed and preconditioning, sending locations to the navigation system etc all work for me. :older_man:

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You can yes. But as mentioned above be sure to de-register it before you swap or return the car.

If you happen to have a 20 Plate, depending on the previous user it may need to go to the dealership to have a warranty repair done to it before the preconditioning will work. If it’s a 70 or 21 Plate then it will work straightaway.


Thanks all, have now registered it and pre conditioning is all up and running!


what can b done with R Zoe pre-con?

Can I select any temp, for say 30 mins on time? Can u set an off time if using scheduler?
can u control screen de-frost front and rear?

all whilst keeping car secure and with o without granny cable hook up


Timers don’t work unless the car is plugged in. But you can use the app to start preconditioning on demand while unplugged as long as you have a good amount if charge remaining in the battery.

You don’t get loads of options like being able to set the air flow direction or to clear the rear window for example unfortunately. But yes, all of this can be done while the car is locked.

thx, shame u cant at least leave / have car configured for pre-con to incl such obvious reqmts as screens clear when ambient below say 5c

does pre-con time out after a pre-set / settable time?

I think it runs for about 15 minutes when you press the button in the app. Then it will blow hot/cold air from then to reach a comfortable temperature until either the the timer runs out, or you get in and drive.

excellent - is that the Onto App or Renault (2020 Gt)

Do I download Onto App before receiving car - where do i find it (Android phone and Windows 10 PC)

You’ll get it from the Google Play Shop on your Android phone. I don’t believe there’s a Windows app for it.

The Onto app is also linked below:

You can download both now, though won’t be able to do much with them until your car is delivered.

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Zoe preconditioning time from the app is 10 minutes. You can’t adjust it. But I’ve found it good at cooling the car down in that time even when it is sweltering.

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I’ve found in the winter that the standard 10 minute precondition to warm the car up seems to be more than enough to defrost both the front and rear windows.

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thx guys having my usual problem with darned passwords / registration

App simply doesnt launch / unclear if now registered - rejects re-attempts …‘email already used’…

didnt even like car registration!

seems ok now - shows charge level - 50% - too low for pre-con I think - shall have a slurrp on trip out later :slight_smile:

Pre-conditioning should work down to 40% charge. I think it’s still a ludicrously high level below which to prevent preconditioning. At 40%, the Zoe still has a near 100 mile range!

Note : the doors need to be locked via the remote before it will work. At least, on my car, anyway!

You can get it to do it between 25% and 40% on the Zeddy (third party, iOS only) app.