Can anyone share some pictures of the e208-GT they have

Can anyone share with me some pictures of the e208 GT and any pros and cons they have had with the car. Expecting mine next week.

Thanks all

Would really like to see pics of the GT Line as well in that case. Would be good to compare. I’m getting the GT Line next Thursday but already thinking about swapping after 1 month for the GT - so would be good to see pictures to see the differences.

If you look on Autotrader for electric 208 GTs, and sort by highest price (so that they are the new GT and not the old GT) then you can see quite a few there with loads of pictures inside and out.

I have had the Gt in red and it’s brilliant. Will get some pictures on here later. I’m getting about 150 - 160 on range at the moment. That’s mostly motorway. Haven’t had any issues with it. Had it from brand new. Highly recommend it. It’s missing out on heated seats and the wireless phone charger which the GT line has but the GT gets the bigger screen. Will get some pictures for you :+1:t2:

Red one:



Just to clarify, the GT line (as I’ve had one) comes with the wireless phone charger but not heated seats.

The bigger screen on the GT (assuming its the same as my wife’s 2008) has some extra features such as being able to change the colour theme of the display.

Blue GT Line for comparison:

AFAIK, the only physical differences between the old GT Line and the GT are the badge on the back, the use of the edges of the centre screen, the absence of wireless charger on the GT, and the touch buttons behind the piano keys on the GT.

In terms of software, as well as the centre screen differences, the GT having sat nav also means that the driver’s display on the GT can show the nav map.

I think everything else is basically the same.

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That’s right yeah the gt line has the wireless charger but the smaller screen. Peugeot have changed the names around. So there is the now the GT and the GT premium. The premium has the headed seats. The GT which I have doesn’t have the wireless charger but does have the bigger screen and you can change the colour of the inside led mood lighting

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I’ve just had the gt for a month. I like it but preferred the i3 I leased for 3 years.
My negatives are

  1. Not as fun to drive.
  2. No wireless connection to apple car play
  3. No heated seats.
  4. Weak regen breaking
  5. Not split temp air con.
  6. Peugout app not great never really got the pre heating to work.
  7. Quite low seat position.
  8. Range seems worse than i3.
  9. Love the looks and size.

I’m sure I could get used to it and it’s definitely not a bad car but I miss the fun of the i3. I don’t think I would have the 208 on a long lease.


Ah that’s a shame as I was hoping the e208 I’m getting next month would provide some of the pleasure that the i3 used to give me.

The i3 is more of a go-kart experience than any normal car, EV or ICE, so it seems to be unique in that respect, probably due to the construction method along with skinny tyres. Don’t think there is going to be anything out there that provides the same go-kart comfort/experience other than the i3. :wink:

Yeah I think the Mini is the closest, and handles better that the i3 or even i3s, but being more conventional, and FWD, still probably doesn’t offer the same sort of experience.

Amazing really that 8 years or so after its launch, there still hasn’t been a smallish EV come along to offer the same sort of fun experience, coupled with good range and efficiency, of the latest 120Ah versions.

I really don’t know why BMW don’t just get on with it and update the i3 again with faster charging, radar cruise and lane assist and maybe slightly more forgiving ride quality. It’d be pretty brilliant then for another 3 or 4 years.

I think only the cupra born looks like a possible option in the next year in terms of fun and size compared to i3.


Yes will be interesting to see how that turns out - likely to be near enough 2 tonnes though I expect so a different kettle of fish really.

Decent comparison of the i3s and Mini here…just hopefully in advance of the announcement that both are joining the fleet and people have to pick between them!

I’d agree with most of the points @Andychester makes. My notes below…

  1. Not as fun to drive - I found it almost as fun
  2. No wireless connection to apple car play - no apple carplay on the onto i3 trim either
  3. No heated seats. - agreed
  4. Weak regen breaking - agreed. I3 is great for this. The ioniq is even better
  5. Not split temp air con - didn’t personally use it but definitely see it as a negative.
  6. Peugeot app not great never really got the pre heating to work. - agreed. I hardly used the peugeot app, mainly due to not being able to preheat below 50% SOC and with the relatively poor range I was often below 50%
  7. Quite low seat position.- I actually liked this
  8. Range seems worse than i3 - most definitely felt this is the winter months.

I’d also add the following:

9.The i3 charged faster for longer. I could charge into the 90%s without noticeable dip in speed.
10.No SOC % shown anywhere on the driver display or centre screen. Charge level is shown on a regular petrol style fuel gauge.
11. Drive selector is the same as the automatic transmission selector in the regular 208 and is a little more fiddly than the i3. Way more fiddly than the ioniq.


  1. Look is great inside and out
  2. No dodgy rear doors like in the i3
  3. Seats for 5 passengers
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Regret not having tried the i3 at some point. Felt it was above my budget but ironically I’m now paying more for the e-208 than I would of if I’d got the i3 while I was still on the legacy tariff.

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And now you’d feel like you were being “ripped off” by paying the extra £70 a month since the price went up. I feel you.

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There’s one available in London from May 20 at the moment. I’d definitely recommend giving one a try as even if it isn’t the right car for you long term there is still some fun to be had with it.

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