Calling All Hyundai BlueLink Gurus

So I am in two minds.

I noted on this Community and elsewhere some issues with the BlueLink. But at the same time the remote control and possibly navigation might be handy.


Then again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… and I’m like a pig in …. Stuff…. with my first car experience to have CarPlay as I am almost an :green_apple: Fanboi.

But it looked so easy, yet I cannot get the BlueLink app to connect.

Any smart people with BlueLink experience and tips for anything obvious I might be missing?

When you’re in the car, choose your driver profile and go to settings and select Bluelink.

Press the option to deactivate/delete Bluelink.
On your phone, delete the car from your account

Now if you run through set up in the car it should send a code to your phone, enter it in the car along with your mobile number to link your phone and the car.

I mostly use Bluelink to precondition the car, I don’t use the built in sat nav but instead use Android Auto + Waze so can’t comment on the navigation


Ah - thank you. I might be doing it ar$e-about-face then…… :upside_down_face:


If you run into any issues just let me know and I’ll jump in the car and go through it as my previous message was purely from memory


Yes - an update - 6 months on…

I couldn’t really see the point of BlueLink - well, not for my circumstances only. Then four months ago switched to the Kona. That was already linked to a previous driver and I thought no more about it, but with Onto CS team help as to what to look for/where to navigate to I have finally reset it and got BlueLink to work for me. Should be in time for when I eventually give the car back and swap to something else. :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:

Does anyone actually use the BlueLink - and what do you find it most useful for?

I deleted it after one Day as didn’t see the point in it :grinning:

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Being able to monitor charge sessions, get alerts when something is wrong with the car, be able to remote lock/unlock if necessary, preheating and cooling the car, check how much charge I have left in the battery, and send GPS destinations to the car.

I also have always had BlueLink set up for account sharing too. If my partner is meeting up with me at the end of the day they can use the app to locate where I parked the car, unlock it with the app to let themselves in and run the heater/AC while waiting for me to arrive back at the car too.


My car is parked on other side of road out with the Bluetooth range so can’t use most functions

The blue link app uses its own servers, so no need to be connected to the car via bluetooth.


Thought it was just Bluetooth, will download and install it again :grinning:

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Yeah pretty much everything @Koda said. Bluefin app is actually pretty neat. I do like to use the heating functionality during winter. Now since it’s warming up, I use it mainly to see charge time, finding the location of the car which we have used in the past month when leaving the car at far away car parks in cornwall and Yorkshire on our trips and to check status of the car lock or unlock the car if the one or two times I don’t have the key on me. I find it faster than the ONTO app. Also, it is connected services so doesn’t need Bluetooth. It works almost everywhere except my flats basement parking :neutral_face:

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I use it to check on my SOC when I’m using public charging, and to set it to defrost my car when necessary. I find it useful for knowing how long I’m going to need to wait to get to the SOC I need for getting back with - I tend to do this on longer runs so I find it very useful for that. I imagine I might use it as well for cooling the car before I get in it when the next heatwave strikes.

A couple of other little things I do is I use the location thing rather than having to remember to set a marker on Google Maps if I have to use on-street parking for something and also to send addresses to the car for the GPS.

A few weeks ago my partner was shopping while I was at the football and I used it to let her into the car to wait while I was walking back.

All in all, didn’t think I’d need it but for my circumstances, it’s spot on.


Won’t be very long now :wink:


Ironically, if it weren’t for all that globular warming we needn’t be driving around in them there pesky electrickery cars, neither…. :crazy_face: