Bye bye Adam

I wondered last week whether @Adam_at_Onto had moved on because I got a “this mailbox does not exist” bounce back message from his usual address when I did Reply All to an email that he was cc’d on.

And then I was talking to someone else at Onto on Friday and they confirmed that Adam is no longer working there.

Just thought I’d mention it here as I know a lot of the forum regulars are in the habit of tagging Adam when there’s a problem that needs sorting and they might be thinking it’s bad/odd of him to no longer be replying.


Oddly he’s been logged in recently and is still part of the moderators group.

I think the lack of announcement, and fact that the account is still there has caused a lot of confusion compared to when past staff members who were very active departed the company - People like Raheel for example. When they left the account was deactivated meaning nobody could tag them and it was clear that the account wouldn’t be contributing anymore.

Either way, since he does appear to still be logging in every now and then, best wishes to @Adam_at_Onto and wherever he ends up next.


Maybe someone else at Onto is logging in using his account to check for any new posts he’s been tagged in?

Anyway, in case @Adam_at_Onto is still reading this, then I’d definitely like to add my best wishes to yours, as I always found him very helpful during my various phone and email conversations with him over the past few months.


If @Adam_at_Onto has gone it will be a big loss to Onto same as it was to lose Raheel as both listened and took action.


Hi @Autolycus1, @Koda, @Jimmi1 and the Onto Community. As you have noticed, Adam has indeed left Onto - we’re very thankful for his contributions and wish him the best for the future. Going forward, feel free to tag @Amy_at_Onto in any queries you have and she’ll be on-hand to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Blimey… he didn’t last long

Probably fedup of been copied into every post about an issue, and the number of complaints about Customer Services across all channels, as seen more and more on Twitter…


Given the sheer number of issues reported here, which is only a small % of the actual Onto user base, can you imagine the phone lines?

Shame, though, as he seemed to be making some decent changes, which hopefully are still progressing.