Brighton to Edinburgh (450 miles)

In case it is useful to anyone, I thought I would post a trip report for this journey, which I just did in the ZE50.

On a good day I can do this in 9hrs in an ICE. That’s 8hrs driving (max 65mph) plus 1hr split over three stops.

Yesterday, I did it in 11hrs in the ZE50. 8hrs driving (max 65mph), 30 mins traffic, 2hrs charging split over three stops, 30 mins diversion to an alternative charging point when first choice was in use. I restricted myself to using only Polar/CYC rapid chargers. The weather was warm, with just a little wind and rain in the last hour or so, but I didn’t use AC.

No question that EV is slower than ICE in this case. For what it’s worth, I quite liked not going to the awful motorway service stations on the M1/A1(M), not paying for and filling up with dirty petrol, and rather enjoyed taking the slightly longer breaks in different types of locations. I could probably have saved some time by using non-Polar charge points. Now all I need is a Tesla Model 3 Long Range… :blush:

Leg 1 (114 miles)

  • Departed Brighton with 98%
  • Arrived Milton Keynes Coach Station with 46%
  • Zap-Map prediction was 42%
  • Great charging hub. 8 rapid chargers all available. First one would accept polar RFID card but second worked a treat.
  • Charged to 80% in 29 minutes

Leg 2 (118 miles)

  • Arrived at Holiday Inn Doncaster with 25%
  • Zap-Map prediction was 22%
  • Charge point was in use. Spoke to the couple using it who were on hold to Polar trying to get the CCS to work. Decided to divert to nearby alternative polar charge point.
  • Arrived at Bessacarr Toby Carvery with 23% (after a ~12 min detour)
  • Charged to 80% in 45 minutes

Leg 3 (107 miles)

Leg 4 (112 miles)

  • Arrived at destination with 21%
  • Zap-Map prediction was 23%
  • There is a free to use CPS 7kW charge point nearby so planning to use that to charge up overnight

Zoe charging at one of eight polar rapid chargers at the Milton Keynes coach station


You got a successful charge there with no issues at all? Interesting. That’s local to me and my Onto ZE50 Refused to charge there every single time.

No issues at all. Thankfully!

There are a few good rapid chargers in Edinburgh, would like to hear how your Zoe gets on with them.

I was using the Hermiston P&R, and Bankhead Depot ones…

There is also massive charging park near Falkirk (At the Kelpies which is worth a visit)

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I think I used the exact same charger at MK when I returned a Zoe 50 to the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre after an 8 day hire. I drove from Peacehaven and it was a really easy good drive. Glad you’ve had a decent road trip. From what you’ve learnt on the way up, would you eat into your safety buffer on the way back down and aim for chargers with 10-15% left?

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In general yes. But for this particular journey on this particular route it’s not really an option. I’m looking for Polar/CYC chargers only and their locations make a two-stop strategy impossible.

Fair enough, no point in spending extra if you have free charging. Happy travels