Bridgestone Tyres on ID3

Is anyone else concerned about wear levels of the Bridgestone tyre on an ID3? I’m seeing reports of them being at or below legal limits at 6,000 miles as they wear quickly and only come with 5mm tread. Another Facebook post has a user with his car in a ditch from aquaplaning - he was waiting for new tyres from a supplier but still used the car as it only had 6k on the clock. Will ONTO accept 6k miles as ‘fair wear and tear’ on the ID3 rear tyres or will they want to charge for replacement?

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I found on my Astra the tyres sometimes would wear quite quick, no idea how…

But I would expect OntO to honour this as fair wear and tear, as long as you haven’t been driving round Donnington at full whack :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine ONTO will establish what the “mean time before failure” is on the tyres, so if all ID3’s start needing replacements after the same amount of mileage then I guess they’ll honour that. And maybe choose a different tyre next time, insurance premitting.

There are all manner of “deals” done between vehicle and tyre manufacturers so, the fact that it’s a “premium” brand and “recommended” by the manufacturer really means nothing in respect of its traction abilities. This goes for motorcycles too, where the quality of the rubber is even more important.

But yes, if you do an emergency start at every set of lights and get 1000 miles out of a set, I would expect ONTO to question it.

Tyres will get changed when they wear down to 2mm tread depth.
They will be like for like, so that really means the same tyre spec by any reputable manufacturers.

See the tyres faq…


Reading the posts in the ID3 Owners Group on Facebook, the car comes with either Goodyear or Bridgestone. The Goodyear are good for 12k or more, the Bridgestone for half this as they are supplied with less tread and wear quicker. Maybe they’re a boy racer but I don’t want to replicate this guy!

If I recall correctly @Rucket’s ID.3 was delivered with Continental tyres, but maybe I’m mistaking it for someone else. Mine has Goodyear, from what folk are saying about the Bridgestones I’m happy with that- fingers crossed I get lucky with the Family model next week…


@Tyson you’re correct- mine have continental tyres - cost me a small fortune to replace one last week - sidewall puncture :tired_face:

Ouch— was that a freak accident or did you clip something?

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Clipped the kurb pulling out of a really narrow drive - got a tiny sidewall puncture - but at least I know the tyre inflation kit works in the ID3 now :rofl:


Onto have a legal obligation to replace “worn” tyres… they don’t make the rules on tyre depth… that’s the Ministry of Transports job…