Breakdown Issues

Breakdown / Courtesy Car.
I had to call Onto to my work late last night and resulted in car going to local garage. Was given number to call to get courtesy car, this has been a massive headache. No car available for 6 days, I can travel over an hour on public transport to get one from another branch. This really isn’t possible by time I finish work today.
I’m now left with no help, called Onto back, put through to Head Office was on hold for 40 mins and had to hang up as at work.
I am now stuck at work, I am feeling so stressed by the whole situation and dont know what to do for the best, pay good money to Onto in faith that in these situations are hasslefree and stress is taken away.
I have spent all day being passed from pillar to post and still got no further forward.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated right now :persevere:

Will flag @Adam_at_Onto for you, but you need to call or chat with Onto and tell them you need a car today, so a hire car would be the answer, might be an ICE though.

Hi @LottieLou1590, sorry to hear that you are having with you car. I’ve asked one of the CS team to followup with you to get this resolved. Obviously if you are stuck at work Onto will cover reasonable travel costs (like an Uber/train etc) until we can get your back in a car.

Hi @LottieLou1590. Its a pleasure to meet you, albeit virtually. Lets get this issue resolved! :slight_smile: Please expect my phonecall at 18:30pm. Speak soon!