Breakdown ID.3

ID.3 delivered on the eve of the 15th, no issues on the Thursday and Friday. However on Saturday evening it just wouldn’t drive, dash lit up like a christmas tree with various faults. Called VW Assist and a gentlemen from the AA arrived who tried to reset the car and disconnect the 12V battery, etc

Nothing worked and had to arrange for the vehicle to be towed to Specialist Cars in Aberdeen. They collected this morning and now we wait for diagnostics.

Anybody else have this issue with the ID.3? Just over 1000 miles so not sure if this is a common occurrence.

Picked up a Vauxhall Corsa [EV] from Enterprise as a courtesy car so I’m mobile.

Stability Control [ESC]
Lane Assist unavailable
Front Assist unavailable
Proactive Occupant Protection unavailable
Power Steering unavailable
Drive System Error - Visit Workshop
12V Batter Low
Electric Drive Not Working

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There’s unfortunately a few software gremlins in the ID.3 and unfortunately sounds like yours happened to activate and left you stranded. There have been a couple of similar reports on this forum (none for some time) and I’ve seen some on YouTube as well which suggest they should clear themselves after a period of time if the car’s locked and left to reset (unfortunately hours, not minutes).

I’m not sure if anyone’s managed to get VW to admitting to a root cause or acknowledging the issues themselves though, which is sadly a bit ridiculous.

The only real thing I can do is hope you weren’t stranded for too long and that you aren’t too badly inconvenienced by this.

Did you call Onto about this though? If you called VW (via the in car SOS function) you may also need to notify Onto in case there is documentation the dealer need from them - but please ignore me if this has already been done.


Hey Tyson,

Thank you for the feedback.

Managed to get courtesy vehicle the next day. Have contacted Onto, waiting for a response.


Hi @WNAPLAY - I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience with our ID3 - how have you reached out to our Customer Service Team, was it via email? If so, this should get picked up within 24 hours (working days) and you should receive a response - if you don’t please let me know.


Ours came up with a few lights (electric drive not working being one of them) (thankfully always on the drive) and a 15 minute get out, lock up and wait for the thing to properly reset has so far cleared them… always had it checked by VW afterwards and never been a record of an actual fault as far as they can tell (although I am not sure how they find the OBD port to be honest as it seems to be well disappeared by onto…)

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Hey No_ngins,

I left it for a few hours to reset after finding the fault and that didn’t work, so called VW Assist. They also couldn’t figure it out and left it until this morning and it still didn’t reset the faults.

Guess it’s up to VW to figure it out and hopefully it won’t take too long.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope they manage to sort it asap for you and that whatever you get something to use in the mean time.


@WNAPLAY Yesterday the following messages appeared whilst driving, there may have been two more, I can’t remember I do know one of them was red then disappeared .
Lane Assist unavailable
Front Assist unavailable
Proactive Occupant Protection unavailable

I carried on driving and it sorted itself out. I am starting to wonder if the car needs a few moments to set itself before driving off. On starting up, it’s quicker than Zoe. I have had the VW system isn’t ready for a few minutes.
I wonder what it is in the last few days?

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Heard back from the workshop and have been advised that replacement parts has been ordered, but not expecting the vehicle to be repaired until well into the new year. No turn around time for parts delivery either hence the unknown timeframe.

Not sure what to make of a car I had for all of two days and now at a workshop awaiting new parts…

When my ex-wife had the problems with her Ioniq I believe Onto told her that she could get a replacement car if the car is in the garage for more than 10 days, which looks likely in your case. If you get in contact with Onto I’m sure they would be able to advise if any replacement cars are available to swap into.


Hey Igrok,

Not too sure if the 10 day rule applies to me in this instance. I’ve been in contact with Onto asking for a replacement and they are now saying it’s up to the maintenance department to consider the merits as to when a replacement is or will be provided. Specialist Cars has advised that they are closing today and will reopen on 5 January 2022 at which point the car will be out of commission for close to 3 weeks.

The parts that have been ordered is on back order so no definitive ETA can be provided meaning that I could be going into my second month with an average courtesy car that doesn’t meet my requirements.

I think Onto needs to be clear in respect of timeframes until when a courtesy car will suffice and at which point a replacement is provided. After all, we are not paying for courtesy cars that are inadequate in respect of what we are paying for.


Wow, that’s really not the customer service you’d expect. Having paid for a car from onto and then having to make do with a courtesy car for that long is unacceptable in my opinion. @Raheel_at_Onto @Carol is there anything you can do for @WNAPLAY?

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Conor from the Onto Maintenance Team here.

I’m so sorry to hear of your breakdown experience so far, it’s of course not the experience we believe is acceptable and I wanted to provide you some further updates and explanation.

With any breakdown, a notification is sent over for us to begin the monitoring of your vehicle and it’s downtime to ensure you are swapped from your courtesy car if your repairs extend over 7 days. In this instance, I can see the notification of your breakdown did come through to us a little later than usual, the reason for which we are looking into.

We do have a record of this however, and I’d like to reassure you that a replacement vehicle has been requested.

I unfortunately cannot confirm the exact availability right now, but our Logistics team have been made aware to look into this as soon as they can. I have just updated your account with this same information.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any more help in the meantime.