Brand new Kia EV6 GT Line S AWD collection and first impressions. Unboxing a new car! Yacht Blue ๐Ÿ˜Ž


I cant wait to get this vehicle via ONTO. Best EV 2021 by a mile.


You could be wating a very long time, and have very deep pockets


I think there is a high chance we could get the Hyundai Ioniq 5 instead of the Kia EV6. I think that might replace the kona.

I Still donโ€™t see the I5 replacing the Kona. Itโ€™s significantly larger and more expensive. Theyโ€™d both attract different kinds of subscribers.


Agreed โ€“ itโ€™d be another offering rather than a replacement, for sure.

I imagine until there are a lot more of them on the road theyโ€™d be unlikely to join the fleet in significant numbers, and Iโ€™d expect pricing around what Onto have the ID.4 going for, rather than the Kona.

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Probably not replace it but I donโ€™t know feels a bit of a waste to keep both on the fleet. Iโ€™m guessing they will be similarly priced. I hope its not close to ID4 pricing. If it does then i donโ€™t think it will be a good value.

My guess is that they might have probably 75 to 100 pounds difference between them. In that case I feel a lot of the kona subscribers would switch to it.

Absolutely no chance of it being under ยฃ750

On average it costs around ยฃ600 a month to lease or pcp A GT line S EV6 so I would agree with you, above ยฃ750 for the onto rental I would think, to be fair I reckon your looking at Q4 etron money, after having driven the EV6 thatโ€™s the class I would put it in, itโ€™s a better car by miles than the kona, ID4 or the etron, etron go home! Lol

Elmo has the Polestar so I could see that being an Onto addition but 859 or 889 /m might be a bit much.

I would thi k an outside chance due to fact that they are an independent manufacturer and unless onto to secure a big deal with them itโ€™s unlikely I would think more likely to be an ioniq5 or ev6 due to deals that into have with the manufacturers

Maybe , who knows but I canโ€™t see them having both. Iโ€™ve just ordered a Polestar so my onto days are limited now.