Brand new 2021 Hyundai Kona Ultimate 64kWh joining our fleet!

i think that the only positive is the fact they have a deal with Hyundai … which means theres a chance we get some hyundai 5 when released


Hi currently have the Kona 2020 and I’ve asked ONTO if I can swap into the new one as I think the improvements look good

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I think this car looks kinda ugly and uglier than the original kona :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


I guess I meant a batch of brand new ones with any extra bells and whistles that may have been added since yours was built. My point was that I don’t think we’ll see another prestige marque like BMW join the fleet for less than £500 again. More likely to be £600 +

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I think it’s a decent looking car. I’ve got the ioniq but when first looking onto swapping to a bigger vehicle than the 208, I thought the Kona was the bigger of the two. I was surprised to see that the ioniq is actually the bigger vehicle so there’s not really a reason for me (not needing that huge range} to swap. Leather seats would be nice but not for an extra £140-£170.

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I have just ordered and due 10th May. Currently have the Older 2020.5 model year.

The main reason I have considered going for the new one is what seems to be better rapid charging?
It seems to be saying rapid charging 10% to 80% in 47 mins on a 100kWh charger and 48mins on a 50kWh rapid charger, which is defo better than I’m getting at the moment. Best got so far 34kWh on a 50kWh and that took nearly 90mins to go from 10% to 75%.

But can’t find any specs on this new cars rapid charger abilities, is it the same as the 2020.5 model year or is the new one 100kWh charger on rapid? I believe the 2020.5 Kona is up to 70kWh?

Can’t find a solid answer online at the minute. If it’s same system then might cancel the swop as that was main reason to swop.

Regards Andy.

77KW maximum on the 2021 kona.
I’m having mine on 10th May too.

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As I understand it, it’s the same. Try to rapid charge with a warm battery and low SOC. You should get the faster charge speeds you’re reading about with your current car.

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This has been the nudge I needed after missing out on the previous Kona - signed up for this car with delivery early May. Can’t wait!


Cars and styling are all personal preference, personally I’m not a fan of the look/styling but could be the colour which is featured highlighting things I don’t like.

I’m sad that it’s not a separate make/model rather than a facelift, but happy that Onto continues to add more model choice to the fleet, and look forward to more to come in the future.

For now very happy to have an i3 headed my way next week, even though it’s not “new”, it’s new to me and I can’t wait!

It does surprise me that they haven’t continued to add more i3’s to the fleet. They are very popular and often not available to book. They started with 94Ah models, then upgraded to current 120Ah ones along with several further deliveries of them to meet demand.

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Would be great to nab a few more given recent price reductions by BMW, unlikely I know but a man can but dream!

I’m hoping the one we’ve got coming isn’t going to get de-fleeted shortly after due to age/hitting 2 years old! :crossed_fingers:

Still have my fingers crossed we may get some i3s versions. I think they would be very popular. Still one of the most appealing EVs to my eyes (much more so than the standard i3).

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They are generally pretty good about this. You should get a car that has several months left at least before they want it back, and hopefully have another suitable car ready for you to swap into for free at that point, whether it is a newer i3, or something else with a good deal to get you started with.

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hi all, just tried to book a 2021 kona after much back and forth as i currently have a 2020.5 one in white and would like a black one due to hiding body sins, unfortunately none available but to be sincere as much as i like the kona for what it is, will not be calling back, would still like an EV that drives a bit more dynamically and from a good price point, i do the M1 every morning and the odd motorway the car’s grip levels are a bit lacking and brakes scary if going too fast or someone jumps out in front of you, yesterday it just got slapped around on the motorway, so got scared in comfort of which it has lots.
Being my first EV will say this for the experience, i will not be going back to an ICE car, but would still like something better ie ID4 or even the upcoming Q4 e-tron, hopefully ONTO will provide a greater spread of car soon.
but no point in getting this as no changes to the drivetrain and the price bump is maybe to cover for the lack of a heat pump on the 2021 model.

Yeah the Kona’s brakes are a bit weird, can be very inconsistent I find, and quite alarming when sometimes not a lot happens unless you press much harder than you thought you would be necessary. It’s a symptom of a fairly poorly implemented blended regen / friction system, I think.

Agreed. If they picked some up with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto I think this would be an ideal OnTo option.

Looks like the 2021 model has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, thats another bonus.

I had only literally just received delivery of a 2020.5 Kona on Tuesday when the availability of the 2021 model was announced. For me personally, I was happy to pay the extra £30 per month for the improved dash, sunroof, better looking front end, nicer wheels, to lose the plastic wheel arches and to get my first choice of colour, so I ordered a Phantom Black one for delivery on the 10th May, to replace the Chalk White one I have now.

I guess Onto ended up getting a good deal on a bunch of these as Hyundai would have had trouble shifting them after the Government dropped the grant threshold to £35k, it’s not likely many private buyers would pay nearly £5k more for the Ultimate model vs Premium just for heated and cooled leather seats, a heated steering wheel and a sunroof…

Is there a new i3 with a decent range yet? I always loved them, but the range was so appalling (for the money) that it was never an option for me.

The i3 that Onto offer is the latest model. It’s got a 120Ah battery which is ~42kWh and a WLTP Range of 191 Miles.

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