Brand new 2021 Hyundai Kona Ultimate 64kWh joining our fleet!

Hi all,

Have you seen the Kona’s latest makeover?

With a new and bold design, we are introducing Hyundai’s latest Kona Electric Ultimate 64kWh to our fleet.

An upgrade from our current 2020 Kona Premium SE, this new model has a modern facelift to show off driving electric, safety enhancements and an advanced technology package!

We have just launched it on our website from £589 per month. It will be available for delivery starting in early May.

Click here to take a look or don’t miss out and book yours today, we are sure they won’t last too long…

Let us know your thoughts!


That’ll please @BillN :wink:


so basically no difference from the other kona other than cosmetic ?
not exactly a new car lol

Hey @Slimtrader10 :slight_smile:

Yes it has a completely new facelift, but that’s not all. Here I’ve highlighted some of the most important upgrades:


Wider front grille
Slimmer headlights
LED daytime running lights
Restyled front and rear bumpers


Slide Sunroof, perfect for sunny days
Ambient interior lighting
Restyled centre console
Rear passengers USB port
10.25” Digital Supervision Instrument Cluster


Highway Drive Assist
Leading Vehicle Departure Alert
Lane Following Assist
Improved blind spot detection system
E-call assistance
Revised suspension set up for an improved ride quality
Revised steering for a more connected feel

You can find the full specs on the link above. Let me know if you have any questions!

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It’s definitely a bit of an improvement overall on the existing model, and looks a bit more modern inside and out. Some of the features which Hyundai themselves claim are new though are actually already present in the existing Premium SE version.

Steering and suspension improvements are welcome, but I’d be interested to see some reviews on if/how the drive and driving controls have been improved, as that’s where the existing Kona is most lacking IMO.


Great not aloud to get it because I have something being delivers on the 12th the old style one not impressed

Review here based on an ICE version, but sounds like the improvements are likely quite modest.

Surely you could swap on the 12th of May although granted that would involve another delivery charge. Remember though that you can use any reward points towards it. At least that way you would have first hand knowledge of whether the 2021 model is worth the extra.

@E7EV yeah i can order from when mine is delivered on the 12th next week l, it’s just if they have any left. They probably won’t have much stock of it.

It’s a shame they won’t let you stay in what you’ve got and get the new one when it’s available. I’m sure someone else would have your 2020 Kona without it having any downtime. Maybe they already have someone lined up for your present vehicle.

@E7EV yeah to be honest I’m having to charge every day at the minute in the 208 it’s driving me crazy. Il just have to hope there is one still next week.

Do you have the GT or the GT line? I think you posted a pic of it (is yours a yellow one?) in another thread but I can’t find the post now. I’m guessing there is no difference in charge between the two models. Mine is being delivered later this month and the horror stories on range are concerning…

Good to hear but new car… let me laugh

Yeh because Elmo are adding totally different models each week aren’t they :wink:


I’m a bit spoilt now as not currently doing much mileage and have a public charger across the road accessed via the Shell Card.

Mine’s yellow! Don’t be too apprehensive about the range. Wait and see how it fits into your lifestyle. Mine still puts a smile on my face.


Do we know what date they are available from

I get the older kona delivered 16th April so will be reviewing that for the channel not sure its worth then getting the newer one as people are only interested if they change battery and mileage,cosmetics aren’t peoples priority when getting an EV

Granted not the priority but an important one to many. Myself and @Pinky_Ponk are examples of this :wink:


I have just spoken to onto and I have to wait till my first kona is delivered on 16th April I can then book a swapbfor the new one if available ,think it would be a good video with both the 2020 and 2021 kona in