Brand loyalty

I love onto, I post alot about them on my social media ( with my referral code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but I really do appreciate this company…

But if something which hasn’t really happened yet …goes wrong …will my loyalty stay…??

Just something I have been thinking …it’s like a relationship that will end eventually… Lol

Anyone else feel the same

Very few of us, probably none, could really say they’re loyal to ONTO.

If I could get the same thing, or better, for £20 a month less, would I leave ? Probably not. But £50 less, or £75 less ? Now I’d think twice.

Real loyalty means staying when it’s to your disadvantage, because you’ve made a commitment to someone or something, whatever that means in the future.


Well I know cazoo are looking at rapid expansion into the car subscription scene.

they are already doing non EV subscription, so would be interesting to see if they do rival onto in the future.

Do you guys think as its current model will become defunct? If EVs finally end up being reasonably priced with decent range? Will people still choose a subscription model like this?

Cazoo and others include auto manufacturers themselves. The subscription model will take over from other forms of ‘ownership’ very quickly.
ONTO are the market leaders, which is a tough place to be with others snapping at your heels.
Consumers will win in this, but more importantly the planet will too.