Brake lights and regenerative braking

Anyone know, do the brake lights come on whilst using B mode on Zoe when slowing using regenerative braking?. I hardly ever touch the brake now unless coming to complete stop and letting the auto parking brake kick in. I love these innovations.

The first part of brake pedal travel (before the friction brakes are applied) increases regen, and the brake lights are activated.

In a lot of EVs, whether the brake lights come on or not when easing off the accelerator pedal will depend on the degree of deceleration. Under gradual deceleration they will not light up. In the case of stronger deceleration, such as in B mode then they would come on.

I don’t know if ZOE specifically shares this behaviour. Have you got a friend who could follow you (although not too closely!) and flash there headlights every time your brake lights come on?

We look forward to your full report :wink:

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Ok thanks for the very clear response. I will find a way to test and respond with my findings.


Result of brake light test whilst in B mode regeneration. My wife stood at the side of a quit road I approached from 100 yds away and as I passed her at 30mph I allowed the car to slow under regeneration until almost stationary before applying the brake. My wife confirmed the brake lights came on almost immediately I passed and stayed on until stationary and the parking brake applied. I feel comforted by this result.


I found when coming off the motorway at 70mph the brake lights didnt come on till at much slower speeds. At night you can see the reflection of the 3rd brake light at top of rear rear window in mirror

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Ok thats a good observation and a great way of monitoring to see at what speed it activates. I will give it a go in the dark as well.

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