BP Pulse Temporary Network Issue

Hi all,

There have been some reports regarding BP Pulse cards experiencing some issues all over the network. Just wanted to let you all know that they are aware of it and that it may take up to 5 days for it to be fixed.

Fear not. You can still charge your car by calling them at 033 001 65126. Just quote the card number with Onto as the account name, and they’ll be able to start the charger remotely.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


My local charger which I couldn’t use this morning, as got a workaround implemented already it now prompts for you to scan member card on the terminal normally used for contactless payment now working flawlessly

Has anyone tried this ?

Headed out this weekend, thankfully no BP Pulse units in my plans A or B, but appreciate the heads up @Lily_at_Onto-- hopefully this is sorted soon by BP so it doesn’t impact too many others!

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Thanks for the update, but the last few times I’ve had issues, BP Pulse/Chargemaster/whatever they are called today take over 20 minutes to answer.

If the BP card was the only one available to us, it would be a problem, but with Shell and Instavolt - I can’t see it being much of an issue to the majority of customers. I personally avoid BP units if possible, with them being the cheapest, they are always busy and they seem to be the most unreliable.

I had a couple of issues with Osprey, but they answered the phone in seconds and rebooted the terminal, which resolved my issue.

The inner cynic in me thinks BP are deliberately poor to dissuade use, but of course, that’s probably rubbish, just how it feels. Obviously these issues are way beyond ONTO’s control, but it’s fantastic to see them acknowledge a third party problem and assure it’s being addressed.

Keep up the great work ONTO :slight_smile:


My local BP unit has been reconfigured to do just that, you scan the Payter reader, not the usual RFID reader.

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They’ve watched the Gridserve Video in this thread and decided they can’t compete and so are giving up :wink:

We just got our car last week and tried to charge with a BP Chargemaster unit for the first time just now. I pressed the member button and then scanned the card on the rfid reader. It prompted that it was validating the card and then after a few seconds it showed a red cross and card invalid message.

Is this the issue described above, or has our card not been activated?

I’ve only used one BP Rapid so far but this is what I did and I thought it was normal!

Used mine yesterday and was fine.

Keep getting “sorry, card not valid” when scanning on a BP Chargemaster Station. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, you’re using BP Pulse and expecting it to work :wink:

Seriously though, if this is happening with all the BP devices you use, then may be something wrong with the card. You could either ring BP and quote the card number (have something to do while you wait for them to answer) or ONTO.


Tried ringing. Gave up after 30 minutes of the shitty hold music :sob:

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I’m sure the hate is justified for most people on here but I must have used BP pulse chargers over a hundred times and had maybe only 2 or 3 issues with them.


That’s what I was saying in another thread :laughing: Never really had any major problems with BP Pulse and I use them almost exclusively.


Your very lucky, they are absolutely atrocious units and by far the most unreliable I’ve come across and the customer service is even worse than the units, on the bright side I stay very clear of them these days and have plenty of other options now :grin:

I only have one near me but I usually have no problems with it and use it regularly. I have had a few little issues but in the whole very reliable.


Same here - 20 characters

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