BP Pulse Temporary Charging Issue

Hello everyone

We understand that some of you have experienced problems when trying to access BP Pulse charging points.

Just wanted to let you know that BP Pulse are also aware of these issues. They apologise for any disruption and are working hard to address the root causes.

You can still charge your car by calling them at 0330 0165126. Just quote the card number with Onto as the account name, and they’ll be able to start the charger remotely.

For context, some of the issues have been caused by the legacy systems that BP inherited when it acquired the business, which are being resolved with the development of an all-new charge point operating platform that will be much more scalable and fit for the future.

There are also charge points that require replacement components that have been affected by the global semiconductor shortage, but as the supply is now improving, any outstanding maintenance should also be resolved quickly.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience!


Appreciate the announcement.

From my experience of BP chargepoints, I’ve tried to call them twice and was on hold both times for 45 minutes before giving up. Now, I just avoid completely as I can’t rely on the charger to work, or for them to answer my call.

I was stranded hours at broken CCS and all I got was music for hours (around midnight, so had to assume they had gone to bed and arranged a low loader to another charger,)