BP Pulse - does it include CYC

Does the BP Pulse card include using the CYC network or is it just the ones on the BP Pulse app?

I am asking because there is a local rapid near me which does not appear on the BP Pule app but does on the Charge Your Car app (the charger is branded polar but has no BP pulse ID on it). I tried a number of times and cannot get it to work with the provided card.

I know you are able to ring to get it started remotely but that phone line is shockingly slow. I don’t fancy waiting on hold for longer than the charge should take! I was on hold 20 mins yesterday and had to give up.

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CYC Is indeed included, and it doesn’t have to show in the BP Pulse map to work.

CYC is mostly an old and abandoned network however. Some of their chargers are offline. If it doesn’t have an active network connection then the app or any recently produced RFID card won’t be on the whitelist database, so you would have to wait for that to update.

Depending on the make of the charger, even if it does still have a network connection you will sometimes have to tap the card several times for it to keep checking while it downloads new data and finally authorises your card.

Have you looked at the chat on Zap Map for that location to see if others have had any luck getting it to work?

There’s a CYC charger within a mile of my house that hasn’t worked in almost 2 years of me having a BP Pulse card. If they’re dead, they are usually the council’s responsibility and it’s up to them to get it sorted. I think BP Pulse just give access to the CYC chargers on their cards rather than maintain them? I could be wrong though.

Thanks for the list, that is very usefull. :+1:

I am not surprised it is an abandoned network given the reliability/reputation of BP Pulse/CYC.

As this charger is branded Polar, but on the CYC network it feels like they have just moved all the problematic ones to CYC so they don’t have to deal with them.

Pretty much.

CYC is one of the original networks and it was set up as a billing and payments system more than anything else. The chargers are all property of their hosts, and unlike Polar/Pulse branded ones the CYC locations don’t come with a servicing and maintenance contract.

Some hosts are on the ball and get issues resolved in a matter of days. Others are totally abandoned by the hosts and just giving the network a (well deserved) bad reputation.