Bp pulse cards

Any one else having problems with the BP pulse card not working on a charge your car charger or is it just me

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CYC chargers are usually ones which wree installed by a local council or private individual and are managed by the CYC network. The equipment therefore doesn’t always have any specific service level agreement. As such, a lot of CYC chargers can end up problematic or broken either for long periods of time (or indefinitely), causing the network a bad reputation.

Have a look at the sopecific charger(s) you’re attempting to use on Zap Map and see what their general reputation is - you might find it’s a problem with the charger which other people have also been experiencing.

Of course, it could also be an issue with the card, it has been known! After checking the reputation of the charger you’re trying to use, maybe try another for a “best of two”. If it looks like the problem is with the card, drop an email to the helpful folks at [email protected] and they will be able to investigate.


BP Pulse cards generally don’t work…. Full stop. Lol. It’s a blessing if it does miraculously work somewhere.

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Miracle here in Kettering! - BP Pulse re-charged my Zoe Gt from 12-100% effortlessly yesterday

Plugged in flashed the card and it auto started effortlessly :slight_smile: - Ironically it would seem, best charge experience to date - usually fight for 20 mins to get chargers to do their simple job…


Just to make sure as you mentioned in another post that this was a rapid charger - You didn’t stay more than 90 minutes, did you? Charging all the way to 100% on a rapid charger is slow and not efficient use of your time nor others who may be waiting to charge. If you happen to stay more than 90 minutes there’s a £10 hourly overstay fine. Onto would pass such fees on to yourself with the next invoice.

I keep getting “Sorry, card not valid” at a Chargemaster. First time trying it as well so big thumbs down from me.

Nobody ever seems to use these chargers - last time I came (MK EVC car) and this time, all bays empty, plus u can keep an eye on car / bays in hotel lounge both on monitor and through window - No hogging :wink:

I would contest that 90 mins is a waste of my time, whilst having refreshments, to add over 200 mls of range. Experience has shown these bays to be in very low demand, so the ‘extra’ 30 mins wasnt wasting anyone elses time either

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