Hi guys my local rapid charger is a DCN2 it’s comes up on the polar map but not the bp pulse one. It’s odd because when you google chargemaster it’s part of BP. Can I use my card there?

Yes. Just BP have gotten used to changing their name a little too frequently to try and avoid their shockingly bad reputation (spoiler alert: It didn’t work)

BP/Chargemaster/Polar/Pulse own the Charge Your Car network, and the D2N2 name is just a regional branding of that same network. You can use your card with them no problem at all, even though it doesn’t show up on all the maps.


Well they’ll probably have to up their game if they want to be associated with VW going forward. Let’s hope the most recent name change will mark a line in the sand. Hopefully what Shell are doing will put pressure on them to improve their patchy performance.


Can you tell me is the shell card contactless as well as it has a chip on it unlike the bp one

The Shell card for you will only work as a charging RFID Card. Contactless readers will recognize but then reject it. When using an Osprey unit for example that has separate readers, always tap it as RFID and not a credit card.

If I am not mistaken, it’s set up in that way with a chip to allow PHEV Users to use it in fuel stations and pay for petrol as well as tapping it on a charger to get electricity too. At least this is the case with the very similar Allstar cards which I have a little more experience with.

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Bp new units at bp m&,s Station are very good and fast also new ones at Toby carvery are good


The ‘new’ BP units often installed at places like Toby Carvery, Holiday Inn etc. are commonly their own brand of charger called ‘ultracharge’ - Are these the ones you’re talking about? They are actually some of the least reliable chargers out there! Regularly throwing up error messages, or simply freezing up and going unresponsive until an engineer comes out to reset them which sometimes takes weeks.

D2n2 charges won’t accept my card and that’s my local fast charger otherwise I have to travel 20 minutes away. I did speak to BP and he couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working advised me to call when I’m there and they would reboot :cry:

Have you tried more than one of them? As I mentioned before the BP Chargemaster units don’t exactly have the best record for reliability. It may be that the charger was simply offline or broken, rather than a card issue.

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There’s a chargeyourcar unit near me that won’t accept BP Pulse card either.

It’s odd I wonder what would be causing that, it’s frustrating as my nearest pulse is 20 minutes away

It could be that but it accepted my card so I don’t think so

Two i use are very good

Hi all, we’ve had our first ever EV since Thursday. So far wife is really enjoying. I have got a list of networks written down to keep in car from Shell card.

Is there a list of networks included in bp pulse as easier to quickly look at list than scanning zap map.

Thank you so much.

BP Pulse (Previously Polar) and CYC (Charge Your Car) are the only two you can use this card with.

Always have a plan B nearby when using these chargers. They aren’t known for reliability so you may find it broken when you arrive.

You’ll also poasibly see some labelled as a local council on zapmap. For instance, near me, Worcestershire County Council charge points are all BP pulse. If you narrow the search filters to show only BP pulse and charge your car, you’ll miss all of these.

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Great that’s great. I’m hoping more shell recharge will appear in our area.

Found a BP pulse at my parents when we visited got a good speed of 90 when charging. Pretty happy with that :+1::grinning:

I’ll remember that, thanks

Yeah, the CYC Network has a lot of regional branding. It’s probably best to use the map on their website rather than Zap Map when trying to get an idea of their coverage in a certain area. Otherwise you can miss a lot of them as you said.