Bp Pulse Card issues

Tried using my BP pulse card at asda over the weekend and it said card invalid anyone had this issue before ?

I’ve only tried to use mine once and I got the same thing. Haven’t tried BP since to see if there’s a wider issue or if it was just the terminal on that individual charge point. I would suggest trying the card at another unit.

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BP Pulse isn’t a reliable network. Loads of their chargers just don’t work and they aren’t too bothered about repairing or upgrading the equipment.

Unless you live somewhere like MK, or maybe parts of London I personally wouldn’t even bother trying them anymore. Use the Shell Card or Instavolt chargers. You should have more success and find their chargers to be more reliable.


Fwiw I’ve had my car less than a month and I’ve used the BP card a few times and always successfully. But perhaps I’ve just been lucky?


Same experience here - so far so good!


Same here - but maybe because I only really use the 150kW units now.

Had one maybe two slight problems with the card readers being dodgy, but just moved to the other unit.

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Where abouts are people in this thread located? I’m curious if this is going to be another North-South divide things where it gets worse the further north you travel.

Here in NE England BP is very poor. Though my personal experience of travelling all over the country has been bad overall with this network. The only exceptions are the ones I mentioned above in London and Milton Keynes - Not because the chargers are more reliable, just because there’s so many of them around that you don’t have to go far to find another when the first is inevitably broken.

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Think it depends a lot on where you are in the country and probably the type/age of the charger.
If you are lucky enough to have some that work locally, then keep using them :+1:

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Sunny Wolverhampton. On my limited attempts 1 BP worked fine and another didn’t. Tend to use Osprey as they are usually available and just work

It could be a rapid / ultra rapid divide - given then are basically no BP 150kW units north of Derby (except for a few locations in Scotland).



Bedford, not too far from their HQ in Milton Keynes. One unit here has been broken for 9 months but it looks like it’s now getting replaced. Others are fixed fairly quickly, but I think the problem is users don’t bother reporting the fault, they’ll try charging, it’ll fail, and they’ll move on. It’s a HUGE shame you can’t report a fault via the App anymore.


They also have a lot of old units that are due to be replaced and if they’re broken they won’t get fixed until they’re eventually replaced. We have a few of them here in MK and that’s what I was told by BP Pulse when I reported a broken rapid a few months ago.

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Hi @Roratty

Can you please contact us either via phone or email, we can address this issue for you. Can I also recommend checking the station is active and fully functional via the app Zap Map, this app allows you to also see if any other users have experienced any issues similar to yours. As the community can log notes and issues within the app for a specific station.

I hope this helps!


Yea my local one which I frequent is 150kW also - it’s been relaible so far and I’ve only tried one other slower (50kW) BP Pulse unit but it also worked fine.

Haven’t ventured outside London yet though so that’s probably helped too

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Edinburgh one works fine for me, my closest charger that is not cps.

I have this issue with a few chargers around Milton Keynes, if I can be bothered I ring them to restart the unit (on 7kw posts this can take between 15 min and 2 hours)

Apparently (according to the phone support) they can get stuck after a software update and then are no longer able to send authentication requests.

There’s a software fix coming but they have been saying that for 6 months at least.

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Bristol area. With no home charging (do have a garage, but it’s away from the house with no power) I’m mostly using Instavolt and different chargers on the shell network. Osprey’s have been pretty good so far. But I do have one BP charger near me, but it’s only 50kW. Tbf I’m not sure what the e2008 max charge rate is?

If under 50% full, it will be capable of drawing >50kW.

The charge curves provided by Fastned are pretty great - image below

Also recently the e208 has had an update available (it was posted elsewhere in another thread) that I would imagine will flow down to the e2008 soon-ish, as they’re essentially the same car in terms of battery/electrics, which allowed the better/higher charge rates to go further than the above figures, I think it was roughly an extra 5-10% for the 100/75kW rates


Seems to be a pattern. I went to an instavolt at a mcdonalds a little while back and it wasn’t working. Bloke in the iPace in next stall said that someone else had tried and given up and that there was an osprey at the pub 100 yards away. I just phone instavolt, they remote rebooted and it worked fine. Do people not bother to report the faults?


Nice, yeah I thought it was 100kW max but I couldn’t remember. A slightly longer charge at those rates would definitely be helpful!