BP Chargemaster HPC Network

The problem is how long the current deal with Chargemaster will last. There’s always a new rumor every few months that they are going to sign a contract with a more competent provider for charging in Scotland.

I’ve noticed for whatever reason when dealing with fleets, they won’t issue CPS Branded cards and will instead seemingly only give you a CYC Card even if the deal is entirely in Scotland. Right now that solution would be fine for Scottish drivers as its essentially the same card. But if the brands ever did part ways they would have to work out a new solution.


I have used the pair at Milton, and there is a normal rapid across the road at the Harvester. The Tesla pulled 75 kW and so far they’re the only chargers that the Zoe will talk to.


01 Cranford Hounslow BP, London TW5 9BA (2)
02 Cranford Hounslow

03 BP Chargemaster, Hereford HR2 6FG (1)

04 Malpas Road BP, Newport NP20 6NF Wales (2)
05 Malpas Road

06 Colchester BP, Essex CO4 5XY (2)
07 Colchester

08 Gerrards Cross BP, Bucks SL9 7RD (2)
09 Gerards Cross

11 Emsworth BP, Hampshire PO10 7RB (2)
12 Emsworth

13 Stafford Services North, ST15 0EU (4) Awaiting commissioning
14 Stafford
15 Stafford
16 Stafford

17 Hammersmith BP, London W6 8BJ (4)
18 Hammersmith
19 Hammersmith
20 Hammersmith

23 Boreham BP, Essex CM2 5PY (1)

24 Milton Heights SF Connect, Oxon OX14 4TX (2)
25 Milton Heights

26 Byron SF Connect, London N12 0AP (3)
27 Byron
69 Byron

28 Lynn Hill SF Connect, Norfolk NR19 1AS (2)
29 Lynn Hill

30 Tonbridge, Kent TN11 0AB (2)
31 Tonbridge

32 Dorchester Road BP, Dorset DT3 5AS (2)
33 Dorchester Road

34 Bagshot BP, Surrey GU19 5HL (2)
35 Bagshot

40 Reading Services West, Berkshire RG30 3UQ (4) Awaiting commissioning
41 Reading
42 Reading
43 Reading

44 Reading Services East, Berkshire RG30 3UQ (4) Awaiting commissioning
45 Reading
46 Reading
47 Reading

48 Scole BP, Norfolk IP21 4AL (3) Awaiting commissioning
49 Scole
50 Scole

51 Harlow Gate SF Connect, Essex CM17 9AG
52 Harlow Gate

53 Ashington SF Connect, Sussex RH20 3AT (2)
54 Ashington

55 Fourways SF Connect, Corby, Northants NN18 0TW (2) Awaiting commissioning
56 Fourways

57 Swanbridge BP, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2BS (2) Awaiting commissioning
60 Swanbridge

61 Sonning Cutting BP, Woodley, Berkshire RG6 1BG (2)
62 Sonning Cutting

63 Perivale BP, London UB68 TF (2) Awaiting Commissioning
64 Perivale

71 Lenham SF Connect, Kent ME17 2DB (2)
72 Lenham

83 Pinkham Way SF Connect, London N11 2UU (3)
84 Pinkham Way
85 Pinkham Way

?? Coate BP, Marlborough Road, Swindon, SN3 6AA (2) Under construction
?? Coate

?? Rugby Services, M6 J1, Warwickshire, CV23 0EZ (2) Under construction
?? Rugby Services

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Didn’t have much success using this network during my return journey from London to Gloucester.

Outward bound, I stopped at Gerrards Cross BP, and both rapids were switched off. Fortunately there was a Polar Ultracharger a few miles up the road, as my SoC was only 9%!

Near the end of my return journey, I stopped off at Byron BP on the North Circular. All three rapids were in use, with a fourth EV waiting. Needless to say I continued my journey and arrived home with 7% left!

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The three high performance chargers at Pinkham Way, on the North Circular in London, are now commissioned. I’ve updated the list above. Still a few gaps in the numbers so hopefully many more sites opening in the near future.

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Not hugely relevant to ONTO subscribers but might be useful for others.
The Polar Instant app has been retired. It never worked much, if ever.
Been replaced with BP Chargemaster app and allows credit and details to be moved across.
Only know as year or two back signed up so could long weekend test drive an e-golf over greater distance than range to checkout public charging.
App failed miserably, but did get a free charge and still have credit on it.

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Been pouring over the planning documents for the new Moto Motorway Service Area, near Rugby. It’s currently being constructed on the M6 just off Junction 1.

In the main car park, there will be a 12 stall Tesla Supercharger. Next to it will be an Ecotricity Charging Hub comprising of twelve 350kW Chargers.

According to the plans, there appears to be two 150kW Polar Chargers at the BP Fuel Forecourt. That makes 26 Rapids in all. If only all MSAs were like that. Hopefully everyone will leave the BP Rapids for us!

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Red: Tesla
Green: Ecotricity
Blue: BP Polar


One of the big advantages of the Tesla superchargers is the number at each location. Installing one rapid is like having a petrol station with just one pump.


Currently sat at this one. Would not charge on any of them came up with a waiting for power. Had to call them to get them to reboot it. I had tried all 3.

Cab driver turned up and connected using CHAdeMO and had no issues. The guy in the Jaguar I-Pace that has turned up is also have an issue. Has switched to the one the cab driver was using and still not work so he is on the phone to them now.

So if visiting this one add 20 mins to your charging time as you may need to call them so they can reboot it.

If you only wait 20 minutes to get an answer on the phone to Chargemaster, you have done really well! My average wait time to speak to them is close to double that, at around 35-40 minutes.

The majority of the time in my experience, a remote reboot attempt doesn’t fix the problems - This is especially the case with the 50kW Ultrachargers that tend to require an engineer visit. If you have enough range to get to another charger, absolutely do that instead of wasting time on the phone. I only call them up if I am desperately low on charge or the other chargers in the area are also proving to be unreliable.

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How can you say this!? It’s an award-winning network!

They must have very low qualifications if BP are winning any award for EV charging !! :joy::joy:

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My Polar charging is varied this week and not via ONTO.

I had setup a Polar Instant app almost 2 years ago and had credit on it for a VW E-golf long weekend test drive. The app failed to work and I got free charges. The app has just been retired and moved to BP Chargemaster along with my credit. So I had a fallback option if any Instavolts were out of action this week, albeit that might only have been a 7kWh charger rather than rapids in the locality I would be.

I tried to use a Polar rapid at Hereford this week.
It is actually on the front parking forecourt of guess what, A BP Chargemaster office, which is right next to a Western Power Distribution office.
Turned up, drove in and 2 cones placed in the 2 spaces in the front and the unit was dead as dodo, no lights on, nobody home!
You would think that they could maintain their own charger right outside their own front door!
It struck me that maybe they robbed the parts out of it to fix another unit elsewhere.
So plan B went off to Leominster and charged at one of 2 Instavolts there with no issue.

And today in Malvern walking along the Hills and afterwards swung by a Polar rapid at Malvern Spa Hotel just at the end of the road from where I used to work.
Hooked up and started the charge from the BP Chargemaster app and it worked straight off and got 50kWh charge in 1hr 2mins. Whilst enjoying a well earned (but expensive) pot of tea in the Spa.

So 50/50 success this week for me.

I left the comments below on Zap-Map, but it still shows days later the unit is available and that it was successfully used yesterday. Same comments that I saw hours before I went there so can’t trust these apps.

Unit dead as a dodo. No lights on and nobody at home. 2 cones placed in front of parking bays. Looks like they robbed it for parts to fix others! Totally disgraceful that a unit outside there own service offices cannot be kept in good working order 24/7 Went with Plan B and charged at Instavolt in Leominster. Worked fine.[

If the issues are resolved with a re-boot why are they not scheduled to re-boot every few hours?

Would be a fairly simple re-boot script that just needs to check that the charger is not in use. May resolve a load of issues.

Interestingly the cab driver I spoke to, who can charge a couple of hours a day, says that the Shell ones are the best and always work, just not that many around. He also said that he (and his fellow cabbies) are convinced that the other BP Chargemaster one down the road (so must the Finchley one) gets turned off so people avoid using it. They also refuse to honour the discounted vouchers you get via the Chargemaster app. No idea if this is true or not.

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Just noticed this on a FB post… trust this happens all over the country.

BP Chargemaster will be updating all the old Polar chargers in the next month (🤞) to make them Contactless card compliant - and rectify any faults. It will also update the modules to improve connectivity with their backroom software and to make it faster and easier.

Polar network rapid chargers receive an upgrade - BP Chargemaster

Polar network rapid chargers receive an upgrade - BP Chargemaster
bp Chargemaster to upgrade all 50kW Ultracharge rapid chargers to improve charging experience. Through the month of November, we will be making upgrades to our 50kW rapid chargers, aiming to improve functionality and connectivity. Our team of skilled engineers will be visiting each public 50kW Ultra…

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4 weeks to upgrade all chargers, just in time for Christmas travel (COVID-pending). Good effort!

im in reading so will be interested when they switch on the ones at the services as onlky 10 mins from my house


Just to clarify, they aren’t actually updating the old polar chargers. Only the newer style ultracharge units. The older chargers on their network like the DBT ones have no possible way of taking contactless payment and will continue to be RFID only.


Yep the FB post didn’t make that clear. The link does say this…
Our team of skilled engineers will be visiting each public 50kW Ultracharge unit on the Polar network in the next 4 weeks.