BP Chargemaster HPC Network

As we get a Polar Plus Card included in our evezy subscription, we will get free use of this high power charging network.

They are gradually being installed on BP forecourts across the country. It tends to be on the bigger sites, often with an M&S Simply Food store.

They are DC chargers, so do not support AC charging, thus not usable by those with the current Zoe. They have CCS and Chademo plugs, so can be used with all the other vehicles on the evezy fleet.

The chargers provide up to 150kW CCS (only 50kW for Chademo). This means vehicles such as the Peugeot e-208 and DS3 e-Tense will charge quicker as they can accept up 100kW. The Hyundai Ioniq can charge at up to 69kW. The i3 and new Zoe will max out at just under 50kW. The greedy Model 3 will accept the full 150kW, at least at low SoC, before easing back to protect the battery from overheating.


Here is a list of sites that are already up and running, as well as those installed, but awaiting commissioning.

01 Cranford nr Heathrow (2)
02 Cranford
03 Hereford (1)
04 Newport (2)
05 Newport
06 Colchester (2)
07 Colchester
09 Gerrards Cross (1)

11 Emsworth nr Havant (2)
12 Emsworth
17 Hammersmith (4)
18 Hammersmith
19 Hammersmith
20 Hammersmith

23 Chelmsford (1)
24 Milton nr Didcot (2)
25 Milton

34 Bagshot (2)
35 Bagshot

44 Reading Services Eastbound (4) Awaiting commissioning
45 Reading
46 Reading
47 Reading
?? Reading Services Westbound (4) Awaiting commissioning
?? Reading
?? Reading
?? Reading

55 Corby (2) Awaiting commissioning
56 Corby

63 Perivale (2) Awaiting Commissioning
64 Perivale

?? Newbury (2) Awaiting commissioning
?? Newbury

?? Woodley nr Reading (2) Awaiting commissioning
?? Woodley

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01 Cranford Hounslow BP, London TW5 9BA (2)
02 Cranford Hounslow

03 BP Chargemaster, Hereford HR2 6FG (1)

04 Malpas Road BP, Newport NP20 6NF Wales (2)
05 Malpas Road

06 Colchester BP, Essex CO4 5XY (2)
07 Colchester

08 Gerrards Cross BP, Bucks SL9 7RD (2)
09 Gerards Cross

11 Emsworth BP, Hampshire PO10 7RB (2)
12 Emsworth

13 Stafford Services North, ST15 0EU (4) Awaiting commissioning
14 Stafford
15 Stafford
16 Stafford

17 Hammersmith BP, London W6 8BJ (4)
18 Hammersmith
19 Hammersmith
20 Hammersmith

23 Boreham BP, Essex CM2 5PY (1)

24 Milton Heights SF Connect, Oxon OX14 4TX (2)
25 Milton Heights

26 Byron SF Connect, London N12 0AP (3)
27 Byron
69 Byron

28 Lynn Hill SF Connect, Norfolk NR19 1AS (2)
29 Lynn Hill

30 Tonbridge, Kent TN11 0AB (2)
31 Tonbridge

32 Dorchester Road BP, Dorset DT3 5AS (2)
33 Dorchester Road

34 Bagshot BP, Surrey GU19 5HL (2)
35 Bagshot

40 Reading Services West, Berkshire RG30 3UQ (4) Awaiting commissioning
41 Reading
42 Reading
43 Reading

44 Reading Services East, Berkshire RG30 3UQ (4) Awaiting commissioning
45 Reading
46 Reading
47 Reading

48 Scole BP, Norfolk IP21 4AL (3) Awaiting commissioning
49 Scole
50 Scole

51 Harlow Gate SF Connect, Essex CM17 9AG
52 Harlow Gate

53 Ashington SF Connect, Sussex RH20 3AT (2)
54 Ashington

55 Fourways SF Connect, Corby, Northants NN18 0TW (2) Awaiting commissioning
56 Fourways

57 Swanbridge BP, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2BS (2) Awaiting commissioning
60 Swanbridge

63 Perivale BP, London UB68 TF (2) Awaiting Commissioning
64 Perivale

?? Sonning Cutting BP, Woodley, Berkshire RG6 1BG (2) Awaiting commissioning
?? Sonning Cutting

71 Lenham SF Connect, Kent ME17 2DB (2)
72 Lenham

?? Pinkham Way SF Connect, London N11 2UU (2) Under construction
?? Pinkham Way

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Visited numbers 53 and 54 at Ashington services on the A24 last weekend. Very impressed.


I visited the Byron SF Connect BP Service Station on the North Circular near Finchley. Originally two units, with a third recently added.

No issues with Zoe charging on CCS.

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I hope they’ve got plans to move up the country. Midlands and North hardly catered for at all so far! :slightly_frowning_face:


The further north you go, the less relevant Polar becomes. In my area I think there are only 2 Polar network charging stations. Go a little further up to cross the border into Scotland and they are basically nonexistent.

Here in the North East other networks are beating them to it with HPCs too. We’ve got the likes of Fastned with their charging hubs and high powered chargers popping up, Instavolt with their 2+ Charger locations that are basically all only 100kW+ installs these days, and a few other smaller or localised networks doing their own thing too like Electric Blue here and Be.EV starting up in Manchester for example.

Even the motorways they don’t seem too interested in as you go further north. I asked not too long ago and was told they didn’t have any plans at that point.

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I’m gradually filling in the list by doing a bit of detective work and finding the ones awaiting commissioning. Corby and Stafford Services is as far north as I’ve found so far. Any use to you?

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@E7EV is turning into the Wikipedia of chargers or an ONTO overlay for Zap-Map :open_mouth:
Keep the good work up.


Might be on the odd journey, but would be nice to have some in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Mids conurbation.

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Just taking an interest as this is potentially a game changer for ONTO subscribers in the south, and hopefully in the north too.

This network will make road trips much easier. They are normally strategically sited, between 2 and 4 units, high powered and free!

And when I get my e-208 GT, I’ll be able to take full advantage of it’s 100kW peak (80kW average) charging rate :wink:

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ONTO should consider giving it’s northern customers free access to another network. I don’t know if others apart from BP Chargemaster do business with fleet companies.


Agreed, I pretty much have access to ONE chargemaster unit locally which is a 30 mile round trip to use and is regularly either in use or out of service.

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A Number of networks are happy to do this. I’m pretty sure that Electric Blue, Hubsta, CYC, Geniepoint and Chargepoint (Instavolt) will all do fleet accounts. There’s also the Allstar EV ‘fuel’ card which provides access to a number of different networks all from one RFID Card.

Onto definitely need to swap out the Polar card for a Chargeplace Scotland card for subscribers north of the border. But it would be a bit harder to decide for those in northern England what network would be most suitable. Driving from one city to the next one over around here can sometimes land you in a place that has a completely different range of companies providing the EV Charging.


Thanks to a good Polar network where I live and where I generally travel to, I’ve never paid for any electricity for the last 18 months!

I suppose that compensates me for having to pay £50 delivery charge when I can get to a Swap Point for only £1.50!

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The allstar EV fuel card is definitely a good option. The company I do so part time driving implemented this for all the drivers as EV’s are taking over across the demo fleets.

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What does that card give you access to?

Geniepoint, Engenie, Source London, Alfa Power, and ESB are the networks listed on their website right now. I hope this expands in the future. Just a few more networks and it could be a great replacement option for a Polar card up here.

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I agree that customers in Scotland should be offered CPS in place of Polar. I live in Aberdeenshire and in the 15 months I’ve been with Evezy/Onto I have not used a single Polar charger!

I don’t mind paying the £20 for the CPS RFID card while the majority of chargers are free to use however more and more are starting to charge an additional usage fee. Almost all of the chargers in Aberdeen now require additional payment and Aberdeenshire will follow shortly.


This should be possible because Polar, CYC and CPS all belong to BP Chargemaster. The Scottish Government who have funded CPS wanted it to have its own branding and maintain a separate identity to CYC and Polar. The guys answering the phone in Milton Keynes had to be very careful and not give away where they were. Trying to speak with a Scottish accent was a step too far in my opinion :rofl: