BP Chargemaster / CYC / D2N2 / Plugged In Midlands etc

I was at Leicester Forest East services yesterday and I spotted this on the 22kw Type 2 unit, ZapMap has it listed as free, the Polar cards work on all CYC units, but it wouldn’t accept the card on the Ecotricity unit

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

That’s not a CYC Unit. It’s Ecotricity. Polar cards aren’t accepted I don’t think.

Normally it would accept an Ecotricity or CYC card, but recently they stopped this. The plan is that you should just be able to plug in and it will automatically start charging, but software troubles mean this isn’t always the case.

They are very old charge posts now, so even if the software had been updated, or you had a suitable RFID Card it still isn’t something you should rely on. The rapid chargers beside them are a much safer bet, even if that means you may have to pay to use them.