Bought a car

So I have bought another car after careful consideration and many changing my mind, many times.
I have decided to buy a used car outright and the money I was going to use for leasing or finance I have decided to put into another account and after few years I’ll be able to use this plus money from car i just bought to go towards electric car.

Despite liking electric cars themselves but charging for me is a little inconvenient for me due to local charger network and not being able to charge at home either. I have decided to get a ice car with the hope the charge network/charger tech being a lot better when I’m looking for new car.

Just like to thank everyone for the support given over the last couple of months.


At the moment, especially with the current infrastructure, you really need an EV charger at home or work, or extremely close to either of these to be beneficial.

Sitting at a charger for hours at a time isn’t a way of life, I get that. Hopefully you get a very local EV charger and you can come back :slight_smile:


Been there, done that…

With a public charger now across the road and others strategically sited in places I regularly visit (giving free parking to boot) I’m now in the best situation I’ve ever been in. I’ve had to wait for two years to get to this stage, though!


When my area gets to this stage I will get an ev.