Book cars online via website option available now

Update to the website this morning…
Seems to be an online booking option…


I noticed this too, but presumably this just creates a new booking, and you’d still have to arrange to end your current booking seperately?

looks like there is some bmw available as i can book one for next week delivery

Same here. I’m being offered an i3 for Monday. Wonder why they need your postcode before confirming availability? I thought the £49.50 delivery fee covered the whole country.

Perhaps some i3 users are swapping into 208s or DS3s. I’m sure the i3 wasn’t on that list this morning.

Edit: A Zoe GT Line for Monday, a Zoe ZE40 for Tuesday, and a Zoe Iconic for Wednesday. The 208 and DS3 are still available for a 12th of November delivery, although the DS3 Performance Line is not available in my area! Looks like great availability, if the system is being truthful :wink:

Hey @burnt_crisps2, awesome to see you noticed the change :smiley:

As of today, we have launched this new self-booking feature. This means you will be able to book your car straight from our website, without having to contact us to arrange the delivery of your car.

It currently supports brand new bookings. If you already have a subscription, you will still need to call us to organize a swap. However, we are working on making swaps available through our website as well, and will keep you posted!

If you have any questions about it, please let me know!


It wasnt when I did that screen capture on the other forum :wink:

Terrific, think that will benefit everyone and make the process much slicker. Looks like the tech team have been working hard in the backgound.


Looks like they have cars in multiple location storage areas, as for me OX15 area all cars show as being available, but neither of the DS3 options, so believe this is just to do with allocation rather than any delivery fee.

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I wouldn’t mind an i3 but there old used stock so gone for d3 crossvack ultra prestige

I only just got an i3 and it was brand spanking new from Park Lane with 500 delivery miles on the clock.

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@Lily_at_Onto can onto comment on whats happening with BMW i3… if you have new stock i really want to get one please

There’s availability showing for my postcode. Obviously this is for new customers. Existing subscribers have to telephone to reserve a new vehicle and arrange collection of their current one.

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Same for me, at a postcode hundreds of miles further north.

@findstevenrobin - If you are wanting to swap get in touch with ONTO directly and get it booked in before they run out of cars again.

Obviously there is a good chance that these are returned cars with people going for the new additions to the fleet. I believe they have already said there are no plans to add any more BMW i3’s, but a brand new car was never guaranteed with this service anyways.

If you do take one of these cars, all I will say is walk around it as soon as it is delivered and take your time looking carefully for any damage no matter how minor. Take photos and document it on the delivery condition report. I had a used ZE40 Delivered and while it was mechanically perfect and no real noticeable damage to speak of, I got stung with charges for pre-existing damage when returning it.