Bonus points for taking onto cars for servicing

We are paying onto for a car for a month basis which is amazing. But when the car is due a service we loose a day while it is being serviced.

How about giving customers a few points to say thank you ?

As myself I have to drop off pay for a cab and then pay for a cab back to get it …

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Where does ONTO ask you to take the car for service? can you not get a courtesy car?

If you are at a main dealer I usually go in a week before and look at the latest model, then when approached mention you are booked in next week for a service and ask if they can provide you with an extended test drive on the latest model as a courtesy car, got a new Golf GTD last time I tried it rather than a base-spec UP…


When the cars reach 10k miles …mines booked into tomorrow and it is onto driverline who book the servicing, but they don’t book a courtesy car

I’ve always had courtesy cars when servicing has been booked through driver line


+1 I was offered one if I needed it when I booked, I’m guessing it’s a case of asking / arranging it though, rather than it being a default position.

Edit: there are also Courtesy car T&Cs in the general T&Cs posted on the Onto website. (you have to scroll down a little bit from where this loads)

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Did you ask for one? I did and they booked it in for me, even took my request for an automatic courtesy car in the hope that I got another EV (It worked!) then sent out a copy of the insurance certificate to cover the courtesy car as well.

The only difference it made was rather than waiting 10 days for an appointment, it took 3 weeks before they could fit me in with a car while they were working on mine.


Really ??? Well I’ve had to cancel twice as I needed a car but not once did they say they could fit me in with courtesy car ??

I feel like driverline haven’t been honest with me

Just wished driverline told me this rather then making me cancel a number off times

Most garages, no matter what brand, have very long waitlists for loan cars while vehicles are booked in for service or repair. 6 to 8 weeks wait is normal even with more costly brands. Pretty poor when you consider the inconvenience to many people.

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Called driverline and there going rebook with a car

Thanks community people


When I took my first Zoe in for a service, it was while you wait. It only took 45 minutes and I passed the time drinking the complimentary coffee and reading the newspaper that they provided.

This was obviously my local Renault dealership. Is this still possible as it saved a lot of messing around?

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I’m not familiar with this procedure, can anyone explain please.

It wasn’t during covid restrictions. Now that restrictions are over you may be able to, though from what I have seen the dealerships still don’t like people hanging around, and still haven’t reverted to supervised test drivers or anything as of yet so who knows.

When you book in with i247/Driverline they send you a confirmation email, and attach a copy of Onto’s car insurance policy certificate if you have requested a courtesy car. They give you instructions to print out the certificate and also print your drivers license summary and check code to show the dealership and permit the release of the courtesy car.

In theory the policy covers you for the courtesy car but because the certificate is so vague the dealer didn’t like it in my case and I was given temporary insurance from them instead.


Vehicle Appointment Confirmation

Thank you for making your appointment through Driverline. This email contains information you should read and check prior to your appointment date and time. If any requirements have changed, or you need to speak to us, please call your Driverline and select the option for service booking.

Appointment Information

Reference: XXXXXXX

On the day option: Your courtesy car will be available for collection from the garage below
Please arrive at the garage between 08:30 and 10:00 collect after 16:30
Drop Off Time: 08:30 - 10:30
The earlier the vehicle is at the garage the greater chance of completion that day
Return Time: 16:30 - 17:30
Garage should call upon completion

Garage Details

Name: Evans Halshaw Renault / Dacia Sunderland

Garage Address: Wessington Way
Tyne and Wear
Telephone No: 0191 5165300
Should you wish to make any changes to your appointment please call your Driverline

Driver Details

Name: Koda XXXX

Contact Telephone No:
Contact Mobile No: XXXXXXXXXXX
If unavailable on the day, please ensure we have alternative contact details, should the garage need to speak with you

Vehicle Details

Contract Type: CH Maintained

Registration Number: XXXXXXX
Vehicle Manufacturer: Renault
Vehicle Description: Zoe Ze50 Gt Line R135 Electric Automatic

Work Requested


Important Information

Prior to your appointment please:

  • Let Driverline know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend the appointment, as the garage will have kept the appointment slot free for your vehicle.

  • Check the details of the work required and ensure everything is included, as the garage may not be able to look at other issues on the day. Please be aware that dealerships may not order parts until they have completed their diagnosis of the vehicle.

  • If your car is booked for an MOT, please ensure that it is roadworthy and legal, should you require tyres please call your Tyreline.
    On the day of your appointment please:

  • Leave your locking wheel nut key (if applicable) and service book on the passenger seat.

  • For your own security remove any valuable items from your vehicle.

  • Ensure your boot is clear to allow the garage to check your spare wheel (where appropriate).

  • Be aware that on the day the garage may find issues not originally communicated to them or have to wait for parts to be delivered in order to complete repairs. This may mean your vehicle cannot be returned to you on the same day, we will do our utmost to return your vehicle as soon as possible.

Important information for Courtesy Vehicles

  • Please take your driving licence, access code and a copy of your fully comprehensive insurance to cover the use of the courtesy car.
  • You can obtain the access code from in advance of your appointment, to enable the garage to validate your driving licence prior to providing you with the courtesy vehicle.
  • Please be aware that the code will only be valid for 21 days from issue, so do not attempt to obtain the code more than 21 days prior to appointment.
  • Changes made from 8 June 2015 in GB to the paper counterpart of driving licenses does not affect driving licenses issued by DVA in NI. NI licenses still require both the plastic photocard and paper counterpart and copy of insurance to be taken to the garage for use of the courtesy car.

How Do I Obtain My Access Code?

  • Log on to
    • Access ‘View now’
    • Enter your driving licence number
    • Enter your National Insurance number
    • Enter your Postcode
    • Tick box
    • Press ‘View now’
    • Select ‘Share Driving Licence’ (top right-hand corner)
    • Press ‘Create a code’
    • Take the ‘Unique Code’ with you to the garage on the day, please ensure you also take the ’Photocard’ and proof of insurance
      Please Note:

Please do not reply to this email using the address above; it will not be answered. For any changes please call your Driverline and select the option for service booking.


I got told minimum 3 hours

In the past I’ve had courtesy cars. Or where one can’t be provided or I don’t care for one Onto reimburse the day(s) the car has been in the garage as well as Uber to and from.

All in all they seem to have this covered. Sure I don’t get compensated for my time but it’s hardly much hassle for what should be a once yearly thing.


Where’ve you got the 10k mileage from?
I’ve done 13k in mine and not been asked to take for service???

So if you’re taking your own private vehicle for a service and request a courtesy car, who insures it?

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Technically, YOU.

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Sorry I’ve never done this with my own car. So the insurance on your vehicle covers the courtesy car while yours is with the dealership?

When I had a Model S loaner, I never supplied any insurance certificate to Tesla. Unless ONTO had sent it to them directly?

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