Bogus stock notifications

Five days in a row now I’ve had an email at 08:03 to say the Corsa-e is back in stock in this area. The first two days I was in the shower and when I got there half an hour later it was back out of stock. The last three days I’ve gone there within 30 seconds to find the same thing. Surely they aren’t coming back in every day and then going back out again in that kind of time. What’s going on?

Might be worth a call to Onto as they are always showing up here in Yorkshire

I’m waiting on a I’d.3 to show up again up here


I’m waiting for the Peugeot in Derbyshire :slightly_frowning_face:

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If you are closer to Sheffield or know someone in Sheffield (or a Sheffield Post Code) a fair few seem to be up here as well…

A Tesla has just popped up as well

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I’ve been waiting months for an ID3 up north. Thought I had bagged one only to get a call a few days before delivery to say it was an error on the app and I would be refunded or could leave the credit on my account… :scream_cat:

I bit the bullet and booked the Megan for Dec, lets see how that goes … :crazy_face:

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Got a blue E208 going back to Doncaster end Dec.

Will have about 8500k when it gets swapped.

I have just snapped up an ID.3 for next week, sorry…

The Mokka will have lasted 12 days…

I did call on Day 4 and tell them, we weren’t loving the car and asked if we could do a swap back and they said yes… although you normally cant I believe


Glad you got one!

I did 17000 in one and it was very reliable in the winter for range. No software bugs or 12v battery issues.

70 mph I would easy get 170 miles in windy freezing temperatures.

I’d be lucky to get 70 in the E208 in the same bad weather :rofl:

To be fair the E208 is a good small car for the warmer weather and I may even got back to it next summer to save money.

Enjoy the ID3 :+1:

The Mokka, as much as its a comfy and nice city car, is just not for us, and causes me to shout at it, and wish I hadnt swapped from the ID.3 and thought I would save some money, but its made me a Grumpy old man, lol

I did 1 mile earlier from the Charging station, and it took 4 off the GOM…

Cant wait to get back in the ID.3


Nope no one I know only thing showing is a mokka and for ten pounds it’s north worth the swap :sweat_smile: