BMW iX3 new for 2021

Seems even VW are going down the premium route now also. As you say, we need some much, much cheaper EV’s, probably China based/built, but the pandemic/chip shortage/Russia war are making batteries more expensive so looks like it’ll be some years yet before real progress happens.

Expect to see more increases in subscription and lease costs from other companies soon.


I guess it boils down to one thing. Not many people will be able to upgrade quickly (basically lease and PCPs will go on for longer 48 months or longer) and other Korean and Chinese players will grab that lower market share. VW can focus on playing against other German manufacturers.

Already the MG has started capitalising on this and they do have a solid product, both MG5 and MG ZS EV are super cars for the price and spec they offer. There will be people who will hate the brand but overall it beats most German brands as well.


I’ve got the 2022 model and it’s the best car I’ve ever had. It sits high up so you have a great view of what’s ahead, the HUD is great, seats extremely comfortable and the range is great too - I’d get about 300 miles in the city on a full charge and maybe 180 on a highway in sports mode. Suspension is so good it could be mistaken for air suspension.

The only thing to note is that the Bonnet is quite muscular and sits high up and you do see it while driving and I know some people don’t like this on cars so that could be a let down


@SpaceRock nice car :+1:t5: But how do u feel about the rear wheel drive only on this, as I did test drive one and was a little slippy going round corners, but nothing I couldn’t handle, would have liked a 4x4 version lol enjoy

I only had AWDs prior to this car, so this worried me too before I got the car, honestly it’s just so much more fun and agile to drive this then my previous AWDs.

I often do mild off roading- like on the photo or in the Scottish mountains and I’ve never had any issues on those roads but I could tell that the AWD can handle them more effortlessly but that’s something I’m willing to trade in for that more “fun” drive.

I don’t think I ever skid with this car but again, because it’s a RWD I pay more attention to not adding gas while in turns and the same applies on wet roads - I’ve never had any issues but this could hugely depends on your driving skills and how fast you like your car to go. And as with any EV the centre of gravity is very low for an already heavy car so in theory it should be harder to loose control even in hard turns. Ask your local BMW to lend you a car for the weekend so that you can test it out yourself and feel free to dm me for any questions if you decide to go for this car.

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@SpaceRock thanks for that I may hold you to that :grinning: