BMW iX3 new for 2021

I’d love an iX3
Any plans for ONTO to add a couple to their fleet next year?

It’s not made by Renault so I wouldn’t hold your breath :rofl::rofl:


I had 2 Renault’s when I was a kid they were the worst cars ever! They turned me into the badge snob I am today :joy:
Shoddily made, fell apart and broke down all the time. Never again. need to up their game. They obviously can’t get Tesla’s so what’s left?
Add some Jag’s and couple Audi’s ? I’d love to try the Mercedes EVQ? Is it?

It’s a subscription service I want to enjoy the freedom of swapping cars every now and again.
Also it’s clear from posts on another forum the longer you keep the car more change of getting hit with a bill after you hand it back


See Bjorn’s channel for the other tests that he usually does.