Bloody great just what I need!

Just had fone call to finish some details and been told won’t get car to next week not even a defo Monday it’s been passed to Stourbridge garage who will collect mine and bring courtesy just have to wait now.

So yesterday i ended up in the back of someone not my fault tho… I was behind women at roundabout just about to drive off where her car just stopped she was saying her gears got stuck or summit Nd I gone straight into her … As you can see the front bumper goner and parking sensors was going mad and some fluid leaking. Man from Zurich said probably be a 50/50 what do you think and what will onto do with that car now

Was passed around from Piller to post finally sorted the claim with insurance but then told to request courtesy car from onto then they say ring insurance to be told to ring onto back so I ended up on then live chat as was getting no where only to have to ring Zurich again and for them to actually say gesture out of good will they will sort me a car for weekend as I have my kids just incase I need transport but still haven’t received any information about the claim from either onto or Zurich or about collection of the car they said I would get which haven’t so I now without a car since it happened…

More pissed off that I was trying to sort it at roadside as other women was there about 5mins and quickly left after giving some details and then I kept being passed around and disconnected so I just gave up and and drove the car home with hazards on as I was on Side of busy roundabout with my kids in car who was shook up and scared wasn’t happy

That’s not great ,I hope you took out the excess insurance otherwise gonna cost you £1000

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If you haven’t already, call Onto on their usual number but press option 2 for new customers. This will put you through to the Onto office itself rather than their outsourced fleet management. They should be able to get things moving a little faster. When it comes to things like replacement vehicles they are the only people who can authorise that (if that is the way they want to proceed of course - This isn’t always the case)

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Ohh so sorry to see this. Sorry to say its not looking good for you as the “rear ender”. I really do hope you have the excess cover. Best of luck and fingers crossed. :older_man:


Yes, unfortunately, unless there is a provable deliberate intent by the driver of a car in front to cause a collision (ie. a crash for cash scam) then the driver of the car behind will almost always be determined to be at fault - and rightly so I’m afraid. There could be all manner of reasons for a car in front to stop suddenly.

Roundabouts are common places for rear-enders to happen. The way to help avoid you doing the hitting is to not look right until your path forward is clear, and the way to avoid being hit is to drive decisively and not edge out, oh and learn how to use gears…or better still switch to an EV!

Anyway, doesn’t the e208 have AEB and shouldn’t have that stopped it in time? Or do AEB systems actually let you drive into something if you are still on the accelerator pedal?


Sadly, that will be your fault, as the insurers see it, you drove into a vehicle right in front of you, I remember reading about a case that a Learner stalled the car and got rear ended, it was not the learners fault that they were rear ended.

The damage doesn’t look too bad, but you will certainly get no change from the £1000 excess.


Yep, had an accident a few years ago that was exactly the same. Someone in front of me at a roundabout started going and then suddenly stopped. Went into the back of him and it was 100% my fault and cost me my NCD.

Sorted the car they have given open ended courtesy car jus gotta fill it with petrol … yea I am expecting the excess bill joke man spec when it not even my fault grr they said they will charge onto directly so I am expecting the bill pass over…

And no I didn’t have excess insurance which I now am damm regretting as I don’t have the 1000 :sob:

Glad to hear you have a car to use and that’s sorted - that’s some good news at least :+1:

How do you come to that conclusion? You rear ended a vehicle, unless they reversed into you, you’d struggle to say it was anything but your fault.

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Technically, it is (almost) always going to be the fault of the person behind but I think it’s also fair to say it wouldn’t have happened had the person in front not fluffed the gear change (if indeed that’s what happened - maybe the clutch was on the way out or something like that). Had the person in front stopped because, for example, a kid for some reason suddenly ran across the roundabout, then you could say they did nothing wrong as the alternative was to knock down a kid. But if they came to a stop due to a mistake they made when changing gear, or perhaps even due to poorly maintaining their car, then you could say the blame is shared, but not equally, and that ultimately the main fault still lies with the person behind as (despite it sometimes not always being particularly easy or practical on our busy roads) everyone should always be driving so that they could always stop at any time without hitting any object that isn’t moving towards them.

This was one of the key things I took away from learning to drive (what feels recent but I realise is now a little over 20 years ago! :scream:).

I won’t comment on ‘at fault’- I’m sure you already feel bad as it is, I just hope you and anyone involved is unharmed, even relatively low speed crashes can cause a little whiplash etc.

Hopefully between Onto and Zurich they can get you back on the road soon, and definitely worth picking up car hire excess reduction for the future even if it’s another cost that you could do without, it covers so many different scenarios (not just Onto) and for me is a no brainer.

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Yes…I’m often amazed at the speeds at which people feel it’s appropriate to take blind corners on country roads. I can only assume that because almost all moderns car can easily negotiate bends at pretty high speeds, and because they haven’t yet happened upon something in their path after the corner (animal/cyclist/walker/tractor/tree/flood/broken down car etc), that they must believe it’s always going to turn out okay…!

Yea I will be getting that excess insurance next time definitely but yea all okay I was more concerned about my kid’s being in car I have checked them over gain and most of night no signs of whiplash or concussion more of shock but glad things are moving now just wish that excess won’t come but I know it will as I rear ended grrr but she did start moving off then stopped just annoying will I keep this courtesy untill things are sorted or will onto give me another ev car

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That’s the main thing :+1:

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, you need to speak to Onto themselves and not their fleet support. If you ask them they should be able to work out what happens next for you. They are the only people who can arrange a replacement Onto vehicle for you but it really depends. Some people have said they got a replacement no problem, others said they were given an Enterprise hire car and some said it was just dealt with entirely by the insurer. I believe I even read in the terms and conditions that they can potentially suspend your account for the duration of any insurance claim investigations. So definitely worth speaking to them to find out if they can shed some light on what they want to do next in your specific circumstances.

When I had an accident in November 2020 Onto replaced my car within a week time. I was in similar situation,had no car hire insurance that time and didn’t have spare £1000 to cover excess fee within a week so get in touch with notification team and they are able to wait a bit longer for that money.

If that is the case that will definitely help me ATM as I don’t have that fee thank you I will wait till Monday see what Zurich say the I will chase onto and ask that as I really need another car especially having my kids with me and only just got them placed with me

Brought back a very distant memory of my PSV training some 48 years ago on a London Transport RT with pre selector gearbox. My instructor leaning across behind me into the cab (window to passenger compartment removed) and constantly reminding me as I pulled up behind vehicles "TYRES AND TARMAC, TYRES AND TARMAC (rear tyres of vehicle in front plus some road tarmac). Always got the bus as close as possible once test passed, particularly with Black Cabs. Hehe. :older_man:

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And remember to speak with Onto rather then Zurich about new car ,repair just have to report new claim to Zurich and the rest with Onto because In the first place Zurich booked my car for repair within 3days after accident but then I’ve been told by Onto that they will repair the car as they use the way it’s 5 months since my accident and GEFCO didn’t repair my car yet,no invoice for repair so they can’t proceed with the be prepared to wait long time.