Billing Query

Good evening I currently have a E208 and used some of my points to get a 1000+ mileage pack this month so should have been billed £89 ish onto my next monthly payment , I have today ordered a car swap and am being billed incorrectly as both £689 and £49.50 has tried going out my account and it should only be £689 due to me using some points , I spoke to onto on the phone earlier who said invoice should be updated but it hasn’t been

I believe your account gets refunded the amount to cover the points. Not sure though how long this takes. How long have you been waiting?

Yeah I’ve talked about this a few times now in a few threads.

It’s a bit odd, but the auto payment system will bill you £ and then the another system will kick in and refund you the miles package once they see rewards were redeemed.

A bit confusing and hopefully it changes in the future but I had the refund in about 5 days.


Ah okay completely different to what the guy from ONTO on the phone told me , thanks

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Yes, we were told at The Epping Forest event that many of their systems are not connected. They are working on this. A CS agent may be juggling several screens trying to figure out what’s going on, or not be able to see some things at all.


Thanks everyone , my bank didn’t let the payment go through as they thought it was suspicious :joy: , I take it they will re attempt payment soon

Excuse me but I’m also :rofl: - typical bank systems…

As well as talking to your bank, I’d be inclined to chat or email or telephone (but the former two are easier for keeping evidence) Onto just to raise this with them so that they know you want to pay without any ambiguity!

Payment systems get pretty fragile at the best of times, but getting something flagged up on Onto’s system that is positive can only help iron out any short- or long-term issues.